The Trickster is at it Again!

Guess what…  It’s the last Mercury Retrograde of 2017. Mercury will begin his retrograde dance in Sagittarius (truth, justice, exaggeration) December 3rd and will move forward again on December 22nd.  Here’s a reminder of what this means for you.   In general, it’s not a time to move forward with anything new but it’s a time to look at things that are in progress in your life and take a fine tooth comb to review, rework, refine, rewind, and/or  rethink things, situations, contracts, etc… During this time back up your computer, service your car and other electronics. An interesting little Mercury Retrograde tidbit is that old friends, long lost family, and Ex’s may call, email or you may just run into them at a random place. Also, make sure you’re patient when appointments don’t go as planned, travel is not on schedule, luggage is lost, emails are lost, cell phones break, and communication is not clear. When Mercury Retrograde is in affect it’s not a great time to purchase electronics, computers, cell phones, appliances or cars. This is a time when you should research the items you are looking at purchasing to help with getting a better deal or getting a better product. It is not a great time to sign contracts, start new projects or set up big business deals because you may be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle that’s not ready to be revealed (remember there are always exceptions to this rule). Just know, this is a time to look back and take what you already have in life and either fine tune it, heal it, remove it, or adjust it. Mercury is giving you an opportunity to slow down and process what you’ve learned along your journey thus far! EVERYONE will be affected by this Mercury Retrograde but the signs that will be most affected are Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces & Virgo. Just remember to breathe and have a great sense of humor while trickster Mercury is doing his dance!

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