We Are All Connected…


Do you ever wonder when a famous person dies why we are “affected”…  We’ve never met the person or even know any of their friends or family but yet we FEEL something down deep.  And in that moment of hearing the news of their passing, we seem to connect, maybe for just a moment, to that intangible place, to that “spiritual” compassionate place where we all go inside and have our moment with “God”, “self”, “The Universe”, “The Other side”… And in that place IS where WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

We are heading into a time when life is about to get very interesting… We are a month away from Eclipse Season (3 Eclipses instead of the normal 2), Mars (energy, action, physicality, anger, drive) retrograde, Mercury (communication, transportation, electronics) retrograde, strong Saturn (Karma, lessons, responsibility) and strong Pluto (birth, death, transformation corruption) aspects happening. This Summer is going to be one for the books! AND I KNOW the next question is… Is it going to be good or bad? And the answer is… It’s all what you make of it. Do you like change? If so, this will be an amazing Summer! If you don’t like change, this will be a challenging Summer.

I will get into more detail with the aspects on my Star & Cards FB LIVE with Deborah Chadwick Tuesday, June 12th @ 6pm PST (9pm EST). In the meantime, take a look below at the birthdates being strongly affected by the Eclipses, Mars Retrograde and the Saturn & Pluto transits. If the dates below reflect people who are close to you in your life, reach out to them, let them know you LOVE them, you SEE them, and you VALUE them. The smallest of gestures can at times make such a huge impact…

Saturn – Karma, Lessons, Restrictions, Responsibilities

Capricorn – Dec 20 – Jan 4th – Kate Spade
Cancer – Jun 20th – July 7th – Anthony Bourdain
Aries – Mar 20th – Apr 4th
Libra – Sept 23rd – Oct 8th

Eclipses Ignites change, growth, opportunity, life altering decisions, karmic happenings, death, birth, loss of all kinds, surprising rewards, relationship issues, and so much more!

Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 12, 2018
Capricorn – January 8th – 13th
Cancer – July 10th – 15th
Aries – April 7th – 12th
Libra – October 11th – 16th

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – July 27, 2018
Aquarius – January 22nd – 26th
Leo – July 24th – August 1st
Taurus – April 22nd – 28th
Scorpio – October 24th – November 1st

Solar Eclipse in Leo – August 11, 2018
Aquarius – February 4th – 12th
Leo – August 8th – 16th
Taurus – May 6th – 13th
Scorpio – November 8th – 16th

Mars Retrograde – Drive, Energy, Vitality, Physicality, Anger, Sexuality, Taking Action, and Aggression.
Capricorn – Jan 14th – 20th
Cancer – July 16th – 22nd
Aries – April 14th – 19th
Libra – Oct 18th – 23rd
Aquarius – Jan 21st – 31st
Leo – July 30th – Aug 5th
Taurus – Apr 28th – May 4th
Scorpio – Oct 30th – Nov 6th

Pluto – Represents Transformation, Death, Birth, Sex, Inheritance, Money, our Shadow Side, Corruption, the Underworld, Power & Control, and Secrets.
Capricorn – January 7th – 16th
Cancer – July 8th – 18th
Aries – April 5th – 15th
Libra – October 9th – 19th

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