5 Things to Know About Venus Retrograde!

Venus Retrograde 2018 (1)

Venus is the planet of:

1. Love

2. Money

3. Beauty

4. Personal Values

5. Self-worth

Venus will retrograde Oct 5th – Nov 16th, 2018 – 100 Scorpio – 250 Libra and as it retrogrades, relationships are challenged, finances may need attention, personal values may need to be reprioritized, and your self-worth may be questioned. The last time Venus was retrograde in Scorpio and Libra was in Oct 2010.  Over the course of this transit, think back to that time and see if any of the same issues are coming up and if so, how have you evolved…

When Venus retrogrades many go through relationship drama especially if their relationship is not in a good place.  Sometimes, past loves come back into the picture to heal and create closure.  Another experience during Venus Retrograde is finally deciding a relationship is over.  Other’s may decide to get back together after being broken up.  Whatever your situation, this is a great time to seek relationship counseling to help heal and repair what is broken and recognize the strengths you bring to the table as a couple.  I don’t recommend getting married, engaged, or moving in together during a Venus Retrograde.  This usually means the relationship will not stand the test of time…

Another factor of Venus Retrograde is being mindful of your values and your finances.  Concerns with your personal bills, taxes, and investments can be troublesome during this time.  Keeping a job may be difficult as well.  These issues may be coming up so you can be more aware and reassess what you are doing with your money and does the work that you do align with job you would really like to have…  You may want to ask yourself questions like… “Do I really want this job?”  “Why do I spend so much money shopping when I’m trying to save for a house?”  “Do I really want a house or do I just want to travel?”

And last but not least Venus Retrograde and beauty…  Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the time to have plastic surgery, go from brunette to blonde, or get a whole new wardrobe.  You always want the planet of beauty at her optimal expression when you make a big change with your appearance.  This also applies to redecorating your home or office.  Especially if it’s a big expensive project, you probably should wait until Venus goes direct to sign on the dotted line.

Everyone will be affected by this Venus Retrograde but the Sun and Rising signs that will be most affected are Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn.  And more specifically, the following Birthdays are strongly affected:

Scorpio  –    Oct 24th  – Nov 6th                           Libra – Oct 17th  – Oct 23rd

Taurus  –     Apr 20th  – May 6th                          Aries –  April 12th  – Apr 19th

Leo  –         July 23rd – Aug 6th                             Cancer – July 15th  – July 22nd

Aquarius –  Jan 20th  – Feb 3rd                           Capricorn –  Jan 13th  – Jan 19th

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