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No one knows for sure what the future holds but Astrology can help you with identifying the “energy” to help navigate life.  2018 was a very stressful year, which included life happenings that were good, bad and everything in between!  All the planetary retrogrades created chaos for many, including myself, but I’m still standing and ready to see what 2019 has to offer.  What I know for sure is that 2019 will be a VERY POWERFUL year!  Not only will the Eclipses be affecting everyone personally they will have a direct affect on the USA chart.   The Eclipses will usher in all kinds of happenings on the global political front…  The energy started revving up July 20, 2018, then Dec 5, 2018 and now the Eclipse coming on January 5th will set the tone for 2019 personally and globally…

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2019 Astrology Aspects


Eclipses ignite change, growth, opportunity, life altering decisions, karmic happenings, death, birth, loss of all kinds, surprising rewards, relationship issues, and so much more!  The signs that will be most affected by the eclipses in 2019 will be Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra.  The last Eclipse on the Leo/Aquarius Axis will be Jan 20th and then we will continue the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses until June 20, 2020.

January   5, 2019 –      Solar Moon Eclipse @15 Degrees Capricorn 5:41pm PST

January 20, 2019 –      Lunar Moon Eclipse @ 0 Degrees Leo 9:12pm PST

July 2, 2019 –              Solar Moon Eclipse @ 10 Degrees Cancer 12:22pm PST

July 16, 2019-             Lunar Moon Eclipse @ 24Degrees Capricorn  2:30pm PST

December 25, 2019 – Solar Moon Eclipse @ 18 Degrees Capricorn 9:17pm PST

Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury is retrograde, in general, it’s not a time to move forward with anything new but it’s a time to look at things that are in progress in your life and take a fine tooth comb to review, rework, refine, rewind, and/or rethink things, situations, contracts, etc… During this time back up your computer, service your car and other electronics. An interesting little Mercury Retrograde tidbit is that old friends, long lost family, and Ex’s may call, email or you may just run into them at a random place. Also, make sure you’re patient when appointments don’t go as planned, travel is not on schedule, luggage is lost, emails are lost, cell phones break, and communication is not clear. When Mercury Retrograde is in affect it’s not a great time to purchase electronics, computers, cell phones, appliances or cars. This is a time when you should research the items you are looking at purchasing to help with getting a better deal or getting a better product. It is not a great time to sign contracts, start new projects or set up big business deals because you may be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle that’s not ready to be revealed (remember there are always exceptions to this rule). Just know, this is a time to look back and take what you already have in life and either fine tune it, heal it, remove it, or adjust it. Mercury is giving you an opportunity to slow down and process what you’ve learned along your journey thus far!

March 5th – 28th, 2019                              in Pisces

July 7th, – August 2nd, 2019                      in Leo & Cancer

October 31st – November 20th, 2019        in Scorpio

2019 Jupiter Transit

Jupiter represents truth, beliefs, expansion, growth, optimism, opportunity, and good luck.  Jupiter will be in Sagittarius from November 8, 2018 – December 3, 2019 and then will move into Capricorn until next year.  The signs that will benefit from Jupiter in Sagittarius are as follows:

Sagittarius – Leo – Aries

2019 Saturn Transit

When Saturn is active in your chart, the energy will seem to delay and/or restrict your life.  Big decisions will need to be made, karmic meetings occur, and if you put in the hard work to attain your goals, success will be yours.  Also, with a strong Saturn influence in your chart, big life happenings occur.  For example, people get married, divorced, have their first child, change their career, buy their first home, home goes through foreclosure, some may go to prison, get out of prison, win a law suit, lose a law suit…   Saturn will be in Capricorn starting at 11 degrees to 21 in 2019.  And because Pluto is in Capricorn, the Eclipses are in Capricorn/Cancers in 2019 and Jupiter will be going into Capricorn at the end of the year, Capricorns, Cancers, Aries & Libras will be pushed to their limits in good and challenging ways.  Birthdays affected and challenged will be the following:

Capricorn – Dec 29th – Jan 16th

Cancer – Jun 30th – July 18th

Aries – Mar 28th – Apr 16th

Libra – Oct 1st – Oct 19th

2019 Uranus Transit

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and is the planet of rebellion, unexpected happenings and surprises.  Keeping the status quo and tradition is not the way Uranus rolls.  Uranus wants to shake up life.  Uranus will be in Aries and then Taurus most of the year starting at 28 degrees Aries and then will slide back into Taurus and end the year at 6 degrees Taurus.  Birthdays affected will be the following:

Aries –  April 16th– 20th                                          Taurus –  April 20th – 30th

Libra –  October 18th – 22nd                                     Scorpio –  Oct 23rd – Nov 2nd

Cancer –  July 17th – 22nd                                        Leo –  July 23rd – Aug 2nd

Capricorn –  January 15th – 20th                              Aquarius –  Jan 20th – 30th

2019 Neptune Transit

Neptune represents inspiration, dreams, psychic gifts, illusion, and delusion among many other things.  Neptune will be in Pisces all year starting at 14 degrees to 18 degrees.  Birthdays affected will be the following:

Pisces – March 1st – March 13th

Virgo –  September 3rd – September 16th

Sagittarius –  December 3rd – 15th

Gemini –  June 1st – 14th

2019Pluto Transit

Pluto represents TRANSFORMATION, death, birth, sex, inheritance, money, our shadow side, corruption, the underworld, power & control, and secrets.  Pluto will be in Capricorn all year starting at 20 degrees to 23 degrees.  Birthdays affected and challenged will be the following:

Capricorn – January 8th – 18th

Cancer – July 9th – 20th

Aries –  April 7th  – 18th

Libra –  October 10th – 21st

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