Eclipse Info You Need to Know…

Direction GraphicOMGoodness…   The Energy is INTENSE!!!  Are you feeling it people!?!  The Eclipse on January 5th is still lingering in the air.  At this moment, all the planets in our galaxy are moving forward until March 5th.  Also, 4 planets are in the signs they naturally rule, which is amazing and allows them to express their greatest gifts and traits and of course their harsh ones too.  Mars (Passion, Drive, Energy, Anger) is in Aries, Jupiter (Expansion, Opportunity, Abundance, Belief) is in Sagittarius, Saturn (Structure, Karma, Discipline, Responsibility) is in Capricorn and Neptune (Spirituality, Dreams, Intuition, Imagination) is in Pisces.  Very powerful energy!  The good news is, you can speed through life with no roadblocks.  The bad news is, you can speed through life with no road blocks…  LOL  The fact is, when there are no road blocks, stop signs or detours, which can be retrograde planets or hard planetary aspects, you may miss opportunities, mistakes, or people that can help you on your journey.  So, this is a very fertile time of manifestation and growth but know you may have to go back in the Spring time, when we have the first retrograde planet in 2019, to adjust, fix, and/or redefine your relationships, businesses/careers and/or family situations.   

Another big happening,  a Lunar Eclipse on Jan 20th @ 9:12pm PST/ Jan 21st @ 12:12am in Leo.  This will be the last eclipse series on the Leo/Aquarius axis until Feb 17, 2026.  Think of of the people in your life who have their Sun sign or Ascendant/rising sign in Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio.  Their lives, I’m sure, has changed in surprising, wonderful, and/or heartbreaking ways in the past 2 years…  Eclipse energy is very powerful and works on a supernatural Karmic level.  The next group up for the Karmic Eclipse experience are Cancers, Capricorns, Aries, and Libras.  This energy started in July 2018 and continued with the eclipse on Jan 5, 2019.  You can see the affects in the news with R. Kelly (Capricorn Sun), Wendy Williams (Cancer Sun – Aquarius rising),   Les Moonves (Libra Sun), Julie Chen (Capricorn Sun), Carrie Ann Inaba (Capricorn Sun), Kevin Hart (Cancer Sun), Jeff Bezos (Capricorn Sun), Mackenzie Bezos (Aries Sun), Nancy Pelosi (Aries).

With this last Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Jan 20th/21st the people with the following birthday will be most affected:

Leo – July 24th – 28th

Aquarius –  January 21st – 24th

Taurus –  April 21st – 24th

Scorpio – October 24th – 28th

Cancer – July 19th – 23rd

Capricorn –  January 16th – 20th

Aries –  April 16th – 20th

Libra –  October 19th – 23rd

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