First New Moon of the Decade!

Happy New Moon in in Aquarius!  This is the first New Moon of the Decade! Aquarius Season is now in full affect.  New Moons are about new beginnings, fresh starts, initiating and planting seeds of intention for what you want to see grow in your life for the next month.  

With a New Moon in Aquarius, innovation, technology, unexpected happenings, friendships, and humanitarian endeavors will be at the forefront in the coming month.  The Sun, Moon, & Mercury are in Aquarius as well, allowing us to dance to the beat to our own drum and show our quirky side but there is also a strong energy out there asking us to buckle down and take care of business!  

Venus and Neptune, both in the sign of Pisces, will be dancing close to each other this weekend.  Enjoy some of your favorite creative activities and trust what your intuition is sharing with you!   

When manifesting with the New Moon Energy, you want to create a sacred space within 24hrs after the New Moon’s peak.  Remember this is an opportunity for you to connect with and create the life you want to live and experience. This isn’t about doing, hoping or wishing for what family or friends think is best for you.  So make sure you take the time necessary to shut off the voices of other people in your head. 

Create a sacred space.  This space can be anywhere but it needs to be somewhere quiet so you are uninterrupted.  

Get comfortable and close your eyes.  The manifestation process starts when you quiet your mind and connect with your inner-self, the core of who your are, and then expand that connection to the Universe with a CLEAR INTENTION.  

Next, write the intentions you would like to manifest in the next month. When done, read your list a couple of times, then fold it, and place it in a private spot.  You can then go re-visit this list when you choose to see where you are in your becoming…

Know at ALL TIMES the Universe is on your side for the win ✨❤️✨

Remember, you can always schedule a reading with me if you would like more clarity and understanding about what’s going on in the Stars for you  by clicking the link in my bio or going directly to my website 🔮🧿📝

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