Covid-19 Predictions…

I did an impromptu video on March 14th with thoughts on what’s happening in our world (check my IG or FB Feed).  I would like to follow that up with a Mystical Magical Chat via Zoom Tuesday, Mar 24th (Times & Link below) to share a few tools to help with the stress and anxiety out there, as well as, create a space for dialogue and Q&A.  I know for me, having some kind of timeframe for events and outcomes can help relieve anxiety with the “when will this…” questions pop-up. So below are a few important dates for you to be aware of:

Mar 19th – 23rd –  Next level Announcements & extreme Mandates enforced

Apr 2nd – 6th –  More insights revealed that lead to global initiatives.  Global conscious awareness that we are all in this together, allows for all forms of scientific knowledge and resources to be shared. 

April in general will be challenging.  It will be a time when we will be the most vulnerable and a time when we will need to put our Faith to the test.  Patience, Prayer, Love, Hope & Healing should be our mantra.  Sitting in the STILLNESS and KNOWING that all will be OKAY in a timeframe we have no control over will be our STRENGTH.  

The month of May will be a mixed bag.  We will see a window of hope and progress, as well as, continuing to navigate the fallout of April’s complete shutdown.  Towards the end of May we will see the world start to move again and people will start getting back to work.

May 13th – June 24th financial concerns will be heightened with new and innovative ways to deal with debt and social services… 

End of May, June and July will be an opportunity for big life changing turn arounds.  Meaning, as quickly as the Coronavirus started it could slowdown and/or stop spreading (mid June)…  Slowly, more people will start getting back to work (mid July).  Moving forward with caution and respect for all that we have been through will be key!

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