Libra Full Moon 2020

We are 8 days into April and people are feeling a little stir crazy!  And the Full Moon, April 7th may amp up those feelings, especially when it comes to relationships.  Our new normal is being cooped up in our homes with our significant other, children, and/or extended family members.  Which means, many habits, emotions, and unresolved relationship issues are presenting themselves front and center.  A Libra Full Moon will definitely exacerbate the situation.  Full Moons are about completions, endings, letting go and culminations with a big twist of drama.  Libra rules the House of relationships and business partnerships.  This week, patience, taking many deep breaths and walking away will be the best you can do to de-escalate those heated moments.  We will all be affected by this Libra Full Moon but the signs most affected will be Libras, Aries, Cancers, & Capricorns.     

Also, this week we will be dealing with a Pluto/Jupiter aspect.  This aspect will happen again the week of June 28th and the week of November 8th.  This aspect is asking us to reassess our beliefs and connect with our Spirit/Soul.  There is a breakdown with our connection to mind/body/spirit.  And because the world is taking a pause, we are being given a once in lifetime opportunity to do some inner Soul Work to rebuild that connection from the inner-ground up.  Doing this Soul Work opens up an opportunity to bring forth clarity for new and improved Light to the outside world.  This will help with the global shift back to the basics of Loving our neighbors and taking care of our planet as we usher in the Age of Aquarius.  Don’t waste this time…   All signs are affected but especially Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius & Scorpio.

We are experiencing a moment in time like no other.   And especially during this time, we need to continually remind ourselves that Love, Hope, Gratitude and Healing are the forces that keep fear out of our mindset.  I know it sounds simplistic but remember, the simplest ideas can be very powerful!  And because you signed up for this newsletter, I know you are part of the solution and want to bring more Light  and raise the vibration in this world.  Let’s continue to bring in the Light by implementing a daily prayer/meditation, recognize what you are grateful for each day, and encourage laughter where every possible. 

There is ALWAYS Love, Beauty and Grace surrounding us…  Connect to that vibration as much as you can, one moment at a time.  We will get through this together.

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