Saturn, Venus & Jupiter Retrograde… Oh My!

OMGoodness, there is a lot going on up above this week…  The planets are not giving us a break yet.  May is a month of powerful planetary movement, and when planets change direction and sign, they can be little unstable.  And to add to that unstable energy, we are also moving into Eclipse Season.  This means, expect surprises and unexpected happenings in the next couple of weeks.    This is certainly not a time to be fixated and  inflexible.  This is a time to be nimble, quick on your feet, and appreciate a good pivot.  This week, you may feel like you’re taking a couple of steps back to move half a step forward.  Don’t be too discouraged or disappointed.  With 3 planets retrograding this week, you will do best by taking a “no” or “let’s wait” or “can you resubmit your application” or “let’s revisit that in August” as an opportunity to review, reassess, redo, reword, and breathe…

Many times the Universe is giving us a gift by not giving us what we want at the time that we want it.   Between now and mid July, life is going to be so different.  So, don’t take a “no” as your plans are doomed.  Take a “no” as, stop, breath, reassess, and allow for inspiration to point you in a new direction.  That inspired solution or plot twist may come in the form of a person connecting you to a better opportunity, through a song, journaling, meditation, or moving your body. Stay positive and know, the Universe is always on your side rooting for you!   AND we always have access to Love, Beauty and Grace to rise above the fear energy that come to sabotage…  For now, let’s look at the planetary changes this week.

May 11th –  Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius and will start it’s retrograde motion in Aquarius and back into Capricorn ( on July 2nd) and stay retrograde until September 29, 2020.  When planets retrograde it’s a time for introspection.  Saturn is the Lord of Karma, lessons, responsibility, discipline, goals, government, limitation, authority figures, and tradition. So these issues may come up during this time and trigger you to second guess people in your life (especially authority figures), decisions or goals you’ve made.  As you can see this is a 4 month process, so take your time and really assess the adjustments, if any, you may want to make.  Furthermore, Saturn is about being thorough and taking no shortcuts, so do the tedious work to garner Saturn’s long term rewards and success!  Every sign will be affected by this retrograde but the signs and birthdays most affected are as follows:

Capricorn – Jan 10th – 20th                                  Cancer –  July 12th – 22nd
Aries –        Apr 9th – 19th                                     Libra –     Oct 12th – 22nd
Aquarius –  Jan 21st – 26th                                   Leo –       July 23rd –  28th
Taurus –     May 10th – 20th                                  Scorpio – Nov 11th – 21st

May 13th – Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra.  Starting May 13th Venus, the planet of Love, Money, Self Worth, Beauty, Fashion & Art will retrograde in the sign of Gemini (chatter box, social butterfly, sibling dynamics) until June 24, 2020.   During Venus retrograde RELATIONSHIPS are on everyone’s minds.  This is a time, more than usual, when relationships break-up, separate, or divorce and Ex’s come out of now where to mess with your mind.  Now, if you are not feeling comfortable in your relationship right now and you know you have work to do, this is the perfect time to correct relationship problems.  But if you and your partner have been doing the work and it’s still not coming together, this can be a time of the proverbial final straw…    Moreover, when Venus is retrograde, it’s not a good time to get married or engaged.  You want the planet of Love at its full capacity the day you get married or engaged.  In terms of beauty and self worth, this is not a time to get plastic surgery, change up your wardrobe, or dye your hair a color you’ve never tried before. And lastly, money and the value you place on money may come up.  Look at your spending habits, don’t make large money commitments especially if it involves remodeling a home or anything that has to do with aesthetics or art.  Everyone will affected by this Venus retrograde but the signs and birthdays most affected are as follows:

Gemini – May 31st – June 20th                              Sagittarius –  Dec 2nd – 22nd
Pisces –  Feb 28th  Mar 20th                                  Virgo  –         Sept 2nd – 22nd
Libra –    Oct 2nd – 22nd                                         Taurus –        Apr 30th – May 20th

May 13th – June 28th – Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio, will move into the sign of Pisces.  Mars takes 2 years to go around the zodiac and it represents your drive, energy, vitality, physicality, anger, sexuality, taking action, aggression, fight style, and war.  With Mars moving out of it’s ruling sign of fiery warrior Aries, and moving into watery sensitive Pisces, your energy level may be up and down.  People may be more apt to day dream, listen to music, or meditate rather than exercise, argue, or stay up all night working.  Signs most affected by this placement will be:

Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries & Scorpio.

May 14th, Jupiter the planet of truth, beliefs, expansion, growth, optimism, wealth/prosperity, legal matters, higher education, publishing and good luck will retrograde until September 12th.  This time will be about reflecting on your truth and spiritual journey.  Jupiter wants you to expand and grow but while retrograde you need to reconnect with your core beliefs to see if they still hold true, do they need to be adjusted or thrown out completely.  Everyone will be affected by this Jupiter retrograde but the signs most affected are:

Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces

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