Powerful Eclipse Season for Summer in 2020

Let the Eclipse Season begin! We normally have 2 Eclipses in a season but Friday’s Eclipse will be the first in a series of three Eclipses.   These Eclipses will set the tone for the Summer and for months and years to come. The June 5th Eclipse will begin the Sagittarius/Gemini series.  We will then complete the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse series on July 4th.  This Eclipse energy started in May and as we can see its affects have been troubling to say the least. 

This Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipse will be strongly aspected by Mars, the planet of war, passion, action & energy. Sagittarius wants to speak truth and fight for justice. With Mars in Pisces there will be confusion about what truth you should be fighting for… There will be lots of chatter going on but not a lot of focus or direction. Patience is needed… So many layers are being peeled back… 

Questions you may want to ask yourself during Eclipse season:

  1. Who or what needs to leave your life so you can make room for the new and improved?

2. What are you resisting?  The answer will allow you to see what is holding you             back and burdening your energy flow.

This is a very powerful and emotional time.  The energy is letting you know there is a rhythm and a history to where we are now…  To get an idea of themes that you may be dealing with during this Eclipse season ( June 5th, June 20th, and July 4th) is to look back to the Eclipses in 2001 – 2003 and 2010 – 2013. 

Eclipses ignite change, growth, opportunity, life altering decisions, Karmic happenings, death, birth, loss of all kinds, surprising rewards, relationship issues, and so much more!  Remember, even if you aren’t a Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra you probably have family, friends, co-workers, lovers who are these signs and they may need a little more compassion, support, understanding and if you’re lucky someone to celebrate with during this time.

All signs will be affected but the signs and birthdays that will be most affected for the June 5th Eclipse are as follows:

Sagittarius – December 1st – 12th

Gemini – June 1st  – 11th

Pisces – Feb 29th – Mar 11th

Virgo – Sept 2nd  – 13th

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