Gemini Lunar Eclipse is in the House

We are in the last Eclipse cycle of 2020!!!  Monday, Nov 30th @ 1:44am PST/4:44EST there will be a Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 8°.  This will activate the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in your chart.  Are you a Gemini or Sagittarius Rising sign?  This Eclipse cycle affects you too.  Everyone will feel the Eclipse but people with the following birthdays will be impacted most:

Gemini –  May 24th – June 4th
Sagittarius – November 25th – December 5th
Pisces – February 22nd – March 4th
Virgo – August 27th – September 6th 

Astrology is about tracking and recognizing cycles and patterns to give insight to what may be coming up for you personally, as well as, what is happening on the world stage.  Example…  Donald Trump is a Gemini, Mike Pence is a Gemini, Joe Biden is a Sagittarius Rising, Kamala Harris is a Gemini Rising, and the USA is a Sagittarius Rising.  Not to get into politics but Big Karmic things are happening to ALL parties involved!

Full Moons are about completions, endings, letting go, releasing, cycle culminations, and celebrations.  A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes everything to the next level.  Eclipses in general, ignite change, growth, opportunity, life altering decisions, Karmic happenings, death, birth, loss of all kinds, surprising rewards, relationship changes, and so much more.  This Eclipse cycle started June 5, 2020 and is referencing and activating the following times in your life:

Dec 2001 – Dec 2003 
Dec 2010 – June 2013 
Jun 2020 – Dec 2021

Here a few questions you can ask yourself to get clarity…  What was happening in my life during the periods reference above…  How can I build on the life lessons experienced during that time…  Am I in the same or similar situation…  How do I choose to grow in this next cycle… 

Also, don’t forget to put your crystals out under the light of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse over night (this Monday & Tuesday).  This will cleanse and clear your crystals from all the negative energy absorbed all month.  If you don’t have a safe place outside, you can cleanse and clear them with sage, palo santo, or a selenite crystal.  You can also place them in the dirt of a potted plant in your home, which can help absorb the negative energy.

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