Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

What a life CHANGING year it’s been AND we’ve all globally experienced it together in all different ways.  There’s been feelings of deep connection to humanity, feelings of anger, feelings of despair, feelings of hope, feelings of heartfelt gratitude, and feelings of realigning with your true life’s purpose.  And there’s still more to come!!!  I know, I know, I hear you telling me please, no more changes.  Well, we have several more big events that will lead into the biggest one of them all and they’re all happening in the next 10 days!  There’s so much to write, so I decided to break it up into 2 newsletters over the course of a couple of days.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TO MY NEWSLETTER.

Let’s start with the last eclipse of 2020.  A Total Solar Eclipse @ 23º Sagittarius on December 14, 2020 – 8:17am (PST).  This Solar Eclipse will be aspecting a destiny point in the chart called the South Node.  An Eclipse close to the South Node conjures up so many feelings and emotions .  With this aspect people experience being more fatigued, having  insomnia, and just plain more out of sorts emotionally and physically than normal.  Especially if you have planets and/or critical points at the Eclipse degree.

A Solar Eclipse represents a new beginning but before you can start a new, you must release, let go, forgive and cleanse to welcome in and make room for the newness waiting to be invited in.  This is a great opportunity to take a moment and realign with your goals, dreams, and wishes and write them down.  Eclipses can be very powerful life changing events and this one is no exception.  Eclipses in general, ignite change, growth, opportunity, life altering decisions, Karmic happenings, death, birth, loss of all kinds, surprising rewards, relationship changes, and so much more.

This Eclipse cycle started June 5, 2020 and is referencing and activating the following times in your life:

Dec 2001 – Dec 2003
Dec 2010 – June 2013
Jun 2020 – Dec 2021

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to get clarity…  What was happening in my life during the periods referenced above…  How can I build on the life lessons experienced during that time…  Am I in the same or similar situation…  How do I choose to grow in this next cycle…

Everyone will feel this Total Solar Eclipse but people with the following birthdays will be impacted most:

Gemini –  June 9th – 19th
Sagittarius – December 10th – 20th
Pisces –  March 9th – 19
Virgo – September 11th – 21st

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