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A Time for Profound Change & Transformation: Scorpio New Moon & Uranus Opposes the Sun Means Sparks Will Fly!

Week of November 13, 2023

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Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(Nov 13th – 19th, 2023)

Here’s your guide to the celestial rhythms of the Moon this week, November 13, 2023. Remember, the Moon is our intimate cosmic companion, reflecting our deepest emotions and our instinctual need for security. Let’s delve into what the lunar tides have in store for us this week:

Start of the Week – Moon in Scorpio & New Moon:

As we embark on this week, the Moon is deeply submerged in the enigmatic waters of Scorpio, leading us to a powerful New Moon. This is a time for profound introspection, emotional honesty, and transformative healing. The New Moon in Scorpio invites us to set intentions related to our deepest desires, our hidden selves, and our most powerful truths. It’s a potent moment for letting go of the old to make way for the new.

Moon moves into Sagittarius (Monday Evening):

By Monday evening, the Moon gallivants into the adventurous sign of Sagittarius. Spirits lift, and the horizon expands. This shift brings a more optimistic, freedom-loving vibe. It’s a fantastic time to explore new philosophies, embrace different cultures, or simply allow yourself to dream big. Let your wanderlust, whether physical or intellectual, lead the way.

Late Wednesday Night through Early Saturday Morning – Moon in Capricorn:

Midweek, the Moon grounds itself in the pragmatic sign of Capricorn. This transition calls for discipline, structure, and ambition. Emotions become more reserved, as focus shifts to responsibilities and long-term goals. Use this time to plan, organize, and climb your personal mountains. It’s about laying the foundations for future success.

Weekend – Moon in Aquarius:

As the weekend rolls in, the Moon enters the innovative and community-oriented Aquarius. Our thoughts and feelings turn towards the collective, social justice, and futuristic ideas. It’s a period that encourages us to think outside the box, connect with friends and community, and champion humanitarian causes. Embrace your individuality and contribute to the greater good.

In Summary

Throughout this week, let the Moon’s journey from the depths of Scorpio to the expansive heights of Sagittarius, through the ambitious peaks of Capricorn, and into the forward-thinking waves of Aquarius inspire you. Each phase presents an opportunity for growth, learning, and emotional evolution. May your week be a harmonious blend of transformation, adventure, responsibility, and innovation. Enjoy the lunar dance!

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Hello Beautiful Souls,

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined in on my Mystical Magical Chat last Tuesday. It was truly a joy to connect with my peoples and chat about all the cosmic happenings. Don’t forget, our next gathering is slated for December 5th. Please circle that date on your calendars!

Moving into this week, I hope you are poised and ready for big energy. The Universe is brimming with potential for profound change and transformation. As we journey toward the close of 2023, it becomes increasingly apparent that the celestial forces are keeping us on our toes, ever-prepared for the unexpected.

Anticipate, a week filled with substantial growth and evolution. Be it in your personal relationships, career, or spiritual path, the stars are aligning to facilitate significant transitions and fresh starts. With this in mind, welcome these shifts with an open heart and mind, recognizing them as pathways to deeper insight and personal growth.

Challenges may surface, but it’s essential to view them as integral to our transformative path, molding us into more resilient and conscious beings. Adopt a flexible approach and remain open to the lessons offered by the cosmos. Finally, as we ride the wave of these cosmic currents, let’s meet the changes with enthusiasm and elegance, ready for the growth and revelations they are set to bring.

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
Every cell in my body is full of Divine Life.

This week in the Sky… 

November 13th

Under this Scorpio New Moon at 20° closely aspecting Mars, we are ushered into a realm of deep transformation and intense emotional currents. This aspect speaks to a powerful drive for change and a surge in courage and assertiveness. Scorpio, a sign deeply associated with transformation, invites us to dive into the profoundest parts of our psyche, encouraging introspection, and revealing hidden truths.

Opposing this potent New Moon and Mars aspect is Uranus in Taurus, a placement that contrasts stability with sudden shifts. Uranus, the planet of revolution and unexpected changes, in the earthy sign of Taurus, challenges our ideas of security and comfort. This opposition creates a dynamic tension between our deepest desires for transformation (Scorpio) and our need for stability and material security (Taurus).

Expect this cosmic alignment to bring about unexpected revelations and shifts in perspective, particularly in areas related to finance, relationships, and self-worth. It’s a time to embrace the unpredictable, allowing for personal growth and breakthroughs. This period calls for balancing the Scorpio intensity with Taurus’s grounding energy, leading to profound, albeit potentially unsettling, evolutions in our lives.

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With this New Moon, all zodiac signs will experience the astral currents, yet Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply. 

November 17th

As Mars and the Sun come together in Scorpio, this aspect brings a potent mix of energies. Mars, the planet of action and drive, aligns with the Sun, representing our core self and vitality, in the intense and deep sign of Scorpio. This combination suggests a period of heightened passion, strong willpower, and a focus on transformation and probing beneath the surface.

Scorpio’s influence brings depth, intensity, and a desire to uncover hidden truths. This conjunction can lead to powerful self-expression, with individuals feeling more compelled to assert themselves, sometimes forcefully. It’s a time for decisive action, deep emotional connections, and confronting issues that require transformation.

Looking back to October 23, 2006, when this aspect last occurred, you might recall themes or events that resonated with these energies. It could have been a period marked by significant personal or collective transformations. This might have manifested as a time of intense emotional experiences, powerful drives to make substantial changes, or a focus on addressing deeper, perhaps hidden, issues. Reflecting on that period can offer insights into how these planetary energies might manifest currently.

This astrological aspect will influence everyone, but Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo (Sun or Rising signs) will feel this aspect most profoundly. 

November 17th

The Sun and Mars in Scorpio are forming a trine with Neptune in Pisces. This harmonious blending of energies will foster deep emotional and spiritual insights. The Sun and Mars in Scorpio bring intensity, passion, and a drive to probe into the depths of existence. Scorpio’s transformative power is heightened by Mars, fueling determination and strong will.

Neptune in Pisces adds a layer of intuition, spirituality, and imagination to this mix. Pisces, a sign known for its sensitivity and empathy, aligns well with Neptune’s dreamy and mystical qualities. This aspect suggests a seamless flow of energy between Scorpio’s depth and Pisces’ boundless imagination.

During this aspect, we can expect an increased capacity for deep emotional connections and a strong drive to uncover hidden truths. It’s an excellent time for introspection, spiritual pursuits, and creative endeavors. The intuitive and imaginative powers are heightened, allowing for a more profound understanding of the emotional and unseen realms. It’s a period where the barriers between reality and the mystical might seem thinner, offering opportunities for significant personal and spiritual growth.

Every zodiac sign will feel the influence of this aspect, but Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer (Sun or Rising signs) will be the most impacted.

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