IMG_3199 (1)Patty’s first love is her children. A very close second is her devotion and passion as an Intuitive Astrologer. She knew early on that helping people was her calling. With nearly 20 years under her belt, she’s worked with thousands in finding their true calling, or reaching for something bigger and better, motivating them when they feel lost and above all, guiding them in a positive direction.

IMG_0651As an Astrology expert, Patty says, “I let a client’s chart speak to me.”  Using all of her gifts to interpret an astrological chart, Patty gives her clients a rare look into their lives and facilitates awareness, perspective and healing for all who come to her.  Patty is a graduate of Clearsight, a school of Energetic Medicine and Intuitive Healing.  She is a member of the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR).  From ISAR, Patty received a certification in Astrological Counseling and an Ethics certification.  Patty also belongs to the Organization for Professional Astrologers (OPA).  Manhattan Beach, CA  is her hometown but she now calls Sacramento, CA her home and is the mother of three wonderful children (see awesome picture above).

She also writes astrology forecasts and has an international clientele which includes celebrities, attorneys, doctors, and successful entrepreneurs who’ve consulted with her on area’s of their lives and business’s when they’ve needed guidance or felt stuck.  She has also hosted an internet radio show, as well as, speaking at various seminars and conventions.

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