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Cardinal Signs Pushing Us Forward – Eclipse Season Energies : Embrace Purposeful Action!

Week of October 16, 2023

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Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(October 16th -22nd, 2023)

I’m excited to be your guide through the Moon’s sign transitions for the week of October 16, 2023. The Moon, that ever-changing luminary, unveils the depths of our innermost feelings and our quest for emotional security. Let’s embark on this celestial journey together:

Monday  – Moon in Scorpio:
Our week commences with the Moon immersed in the intense and transformative energy of Scorpio. Emotions run deep, and we’re drawn to uncovering hidden truths and exploring our innermost desires. It’s a time for emotional depth, self-discovery, and regeneration.

Tuesday through Thursday – Moon in Sagittarius:
At 12:37am PST Tuesday, the Moon gracefully transitions into the adventurous and open-minded sign of Sagittarius. Emotions become expansive, optimistic, and eager for exploration. This is a period when we’re inspired to broaden our horizons, travel, and embrace diverse perspectives.

Thursday through Saturday  – Moon in Capricorn:
Heading into Thursday evening, the Moon moves into the practical and disciplined realm of Capricorn. Emotions become focused on our long-term goals and responsibilities. It’s an excellent time for planning, organization, and tackling tasks that require structure and commitment.

Saturday through Sunday – Moon in Aquarius:
The weekend ushers in the forward-thinking and inventive energy of Aquarius. Emotions during this time are aligned with humanitarian causes, social connections, and unconventional ideas. It’s a great time for brainstorming, community involvement, and embracing your individuality.

Throughout the week, remember to listen to your innermost feelings and what you need to feel safe. Whether you’re delving into the depths of your emotions, embarking on an adventure, getting down to business, or connecting with like-minded individuals, these lunar energies offer invaluable guidance on your journey. Wishing you a week filled with self-discovery, emotional fulfillment, and exciting discoveries!

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Dear Beautiful Soul,

In these tumultuous times, the collective consciousness is heavy with uncertainty. So many beautiful souls are grappling with a myriad of emotions, from bewilderment to sheer exhaustion. The pressing question on everyone’s lips: How do we pave a path forward that echoes with the hopes of love, peace, and a good life for every being?

Interestingly, the cosmos offers us a hint, especially now as we wade through the potent Eclipse Season. When the veils between realms thin during eclipses, it’s a cosmic reminder that transformations, even the unimaginable ones, are within reach.

This week, the universe has cast a spotlight on the Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. These signs, inherently energetic and proactive, are receiving a celestial boost. Their core essence is to initiate, to catalyze, to push boundaries and bring about change. They don’t sit and wait; they charge forth with determination, each in their unique way.

Aries ignites with passion, Libra seeks harmonious action, Cancer nurtures progress, and Capricorn structures it. Harnessing their energies now, especially during this week, is our cosmic nudge to ‘take the reins’. It’s a call to embrace action that aligns with our vision for a brighter world. Even amidst chaos, remember, we have the power to shape our narrative. Let’s be bold, let’s be compassionate, and most importantly, let’s move in the direction that fosters love, unity, and shared abundance.

This Week’s Affirmation:  
I nourish my body and soul with positive energy.

This week in the Sky… 

October 18th- 20th
Sun in Libra is in a challenging aspect to the North Node in Aries, and it’s all set against the backdrop of the Libra Solar Eclipse last Saturday. Imagine this as a cosmic tug-of-war between the scales of balance and the fiery call of destiny.

When the Sun, symbolizing our essence and vitality, opposes the North Node, it’s like the universe is nudging us toward our life’s purpose. Libra seeks harmony and partnership, while Aries craves independence and self-discovery.

This aspect challenges us to find harmony between our personal desires (Aries) and our interactions with others (Libra). It’s a reminder that as we journey towards personal growth and authenticity, we must also foster equitable relationships.

The dance between personal desires and others’ needs may spark tension, but it’s this friction that fuels growth. Instead of resisting, embrace it. For in this delicate balancing act lies the potential for profound insights and cosmic revelations. Harness the tension, and watch as the universe unfolds its magic before you.

As for the impact, all signs will feel the celestial ripples, but Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra (Sun or Rising signs) will sense it most profoundly. 

October 18th – 20th
When Mercury in Libra faces off against the North Node in Aries, it’s a cosmic dance of balance and boldness. Libra’s Mercury whispers of diplomacy, urging thoughtful dialogue and mutual understanding. In contrast, Aries’ North Node beckons us towards fierce individuality and unyielding courage. This celestial opposition challenges us: Do we prioritize peace, risking our unique voice? Or do we assert ourselves, potentially overshadowing collaborative harmony? It’s an invitation to blend authentic self-expression with deep listening. This period calls for discernment. Pursue genuine interactions, and while staying true to oneself, let’s not forget the beauty of balanced relationships.

Regarding the effects, every zodiac will experience the astral waves, but those with Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra (Sun or Rising signs) will feel it most intensely. 

October 19th – 20th
When the Sun in Libra aligns perfectly with Mercury in Libra in a Cazimi aspect, we’re presented with a potent cosmic moment. In this intimate embrace, Mercury is supercharged by the Sun’s vitality. With both celestial bodies in Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, and relationships, our thoughts and communications become laser-focused on these themes.

Expect heightened clarity in your dialogues, an enhanced appreciation for beauty, and a desire for equilibrium in all interactions. This is the time to express yourself with grace and diplomacy. Listen attentively to others, and let your words flow with intention and understanding. This celestial alignment also augments our artistic inclinations, making it a prime time for creative endeavors. Harness this moment to foster connections, seek out harmonious resolutions, and celebrate the beauty in every exchange.

With this cosmic aspect, all zodiac signs will experience the astral currents, yet Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply. 

October 20th – 22nd
As Mercury in Libra forms a challenging aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, we’re asked to dive deep into our communication and thought processes. Mercury in Libra is ever-seeking balance and diplomacy and may find itself challenged by the transformative and sometimes intense energies of Pluto in Capricorn. Expect conversations to carry more weight, with power dynamics coming to the forefront.

There may be moments where dialogue feels like a tug-of-war between maintaining harmony and addressing underlying power struggles. But remember, Pluto’s transformative energy pushes us towards evolution. Use this time to reflect on where you can speak with more authenticity, even if it feels uncomfortable. The lessons from this aspect will guide us towards a deeper, more truthful mode of expression and interaction, bridging the balance of Libra and the unwavering strength of Capricorn.

With this cosmic aspect, all zodiac signs will experience the astral energy, yet Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply. 

October 21st – 23rd
As the Sun in Libra squares off against Pluto in Capricorn, we find ourselves amidst a powerful cosmic tension. The harmonizing energy of Sun in Libra, which seeks balance and beauty, clashes with the deep transformative force of Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect may illuminate challenges in our relationships, pushing hidden power dynamics into the limelight.

We might feel a pull between maintaining peace and confronting deep-rooted issues head-on. While the energies can feel intense, they also provide a catalyst for transformative growth. Dive deep into this energy, confronting fears and addressing imbalances. Harness the grace of Libra and the resilience of Capricorn to foster positive change. Embrace the lessons, and you’ll emerge with a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.

With this cosmic aspect, all zodiac signs will experience the astral currents, yet Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply.

October 21st – 23rd
As Mercury transitions into the profound waters of Scorpio and forms a harmonious aspect with Saturn in ethereal Pisces, anticipate a deepening of thought and communication. Mercury in Scorpio delves into the mysteries, seeking truths that lie beneath the surface.  While Saturn in Pisces offers structure to our dreams and spiritual insights. This alignment fosters an environment where profound introspection meets divine wisdom.

Conversations will likely touch the soul, blending Scorpio’s intuitive depth with Piscean spiritual maturity. Expect revelations, both personal and shared, and a heightened sense of purpose in communication. This period invites us to explore our deepest thoughts and express them with both clarity and compassion. Lean into this energy, letting Scorpio’s passion and Pisces’ intuition guide your words and reflections.

With this cosmic aspect, all zodiac signs will experience the astral currents, yet Pisces, Cancer Scorpio (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply.

October 21st – 23rd
With Venus, the planet of love and beauty, in the meticulous sign of Virgo and forming a harmonious aspect to expansive Jupiter in sensuous Taurus, we are set to experience an uplifting cosmic dance. Venus in Virgo urges us to find beauty in the details, to love with precision and care. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Taurus amplifies our capacity for sensual pleasure and appreciation of life’s tangible blessings.

Together, this aspect promises a time of heightened affection, grounded optimism, and a deeper connection to the material and sensual joys of life. Our relationships can flourish now, marked by genuine gestures of care and a mutual appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. Indulge in acts of self-care, embrace earthly delights, and let your heart expand with gratitude. The universe now sings a song of love and abundance.”

With this cosmic aspect, all zodiac signs will experience the astral waves, yet Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply.

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