Saturn, Venus & Jupiter Retrograde… Oh My!

OMGoodness, there is a lot going on up above this week...  The planets are not giving us a break yet.  May is a month of powerful planetary movement, and when planets change direction and sign, they can be little unstable.  And to add to that unstable energy, we are also moving into Eclipse Season.  This means, expect surprises and unexpected happenings … Continue reading Saturn, Venus & Jupiter Retrograde… Oh My!

Aquarius Season

We are officially in Aquarius Season and I want to wish all my Aquarius friends a joyous Happy Birthday!!!  Lots of exciting changes coming your way in 2020!  The big news is the co-ruler of your sign, Saturn, moves into Aquarius in March.   Saturn’s last transit in Aquarius was between Feb 1991 – May 1994.  Saturn … Continue reading Aquarius Season