Gemini Lunar Eclipse is in the House

We are in the last Eclipse cycle of 2020!!!  Monday, Nov 30th @ 1:44am PST/4:44EST there will be a Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 8°.  This will activate the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in your chart.  Are you a Gemini or Sagittarius Rising sign?  This Eclipse cycle affects you too.  Everyone will feel the Eclipse but people with the following birthdays will … Continue reading Gemini Lunar Eclipse is in the House

Aquarius Season

We are officially in Aquarius Season and I want to wish all my Aquarius friends a joyous Happy Birthday!!!  Lots of exciting changes coming your way in 2020!  The big news is the co-ruler of your sign, Saturn, moves into Aquarius in March.   Saturn’s last transit in Aquarius was between Feb 1991 – May 1994.  Saturn … Continue reading Aquarius Season