Big Week Ahead Includes a New Moon in Capricorn

If you joined me on my 2021 Year Ahead Do's & Don'ts Zoomcast, shared that January would be a very rocky month.  And thus far, it has not disappointed.  Between now and the first week of February, we will experience revolutionary change and volatile eruptions.  Many people are experiencing family health issues, family and friends … Continue reading Big Week Ahead Includes a New Moon in Capricorn

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

What a life CHANGING year it’s been AND we’ve all globally experienced it together in all different ways.  There’s been feelings of deep connection to humanity, feelings of anger, feelings of despair, feelings of hope, feelings of heartfelt gratitude, and feelings of realigning with your true life’s purpose.  And there’s still more to come!!!  I … Continue reading Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Potent & Powerful Solar Eclipse in Cancer

The Cancer Solar Eclipse on June 20, 2020 @ 11:41pm PST / June 21st @ 2:41am EST is very powerful and brings  it’s ancestry from D-Day 1944, Kennedy Assassination/Civil Rights, 1963-64, AIDS Epidemic 1982, and  911 in 2001…  And what makes this Eclipse on Saturday/Sunday depending on your location, even more potent and different than what has happened … Continue reading Potent & Powerful Solar Eclipse in Cancer

That Darn Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde will be in the sign of Cancer and things that come up may deal with issues involving home repair, family miscommunication, security malfunctions, financial adjustments, real estate headaches, loyalty (whose side are "they" on?). When Mercury is retrograde, in general, it's not a time to move forward with anything new but it's a … Continue reading That Darn Mercury Retrograde!