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Cosmic Weather Newsletter – Big Destined Energy! First Eclipse of 2024!

Week of March 25, 2024

Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(March 25th – 31st, 2024)

This week, we’re navigating through a celestial tapestry rich with transformation, introspection, and the quest for truth, all under the watchful eye of the Moon. Our journey begins under the influence of a potent Libra Lunar Eclipse, inviting us to balance and harmonize our relationships.

Beginning in Libra – Lunar Eclipse:
Our week starts with a powerful Libra Lunar Eclipse, casting a spotlight on partnerships, fairness, and the art of compromise. Eclipses are cosmic catalysts for change, urging us to release what no longer serves our highest good. In Libra, the focus is on finding equilibrium in our connections with others and within ourselves. Embrace the lessons and opportunities this eclipse brings to create more balanced and meaningful relationships.

Early Wednesday Morning – Moon into Scorpio:
As we move into Wednesday, the Moon dives deep into the mysterious waters of Scorpio, inviting us to explore the depths of our emotions and the secrets that lie beneath the surface. Scorpio’s influence encourages us to confront our shadows, fostering powerful transformations and deeper bonds. It’s a time for introspection, healing, and embracing the transformative power of change.

Friday Afternoon – Moon into Sagittarius:
By Friday, the energy lifts as the Moon enters the expansive sign of Sagittarius, igniting our wanderlust and thirst for knowledge. Sagittarius inspires us to seek truth, adventure, and a broader understanding of the world around us. It’s a time to break free from the emotional intensity and set your sights on future possibilities. Embrace this optimistic energy and allow yourself to dream big.

Sunday Evening – Moon into Capricorn:
As the week draws to a close, the Moon’s shift into Capricorn grounds us, focusing our attention on responsibility, ambition, and the structures that support our lives. Capricorn’s influence is a call to action, urging us to set practical goals and work diligently towards achieving them. It’s a time to plan for the future, building a solid foundation for the dreams ignited under Sagittarius’s influence.

From the balancing act under the Libra Lunar Eclipse, through Scorpio’s transformative depths, into Sagittarius’s adventurous spirit, and finally grounding in Capricorn’s steadfast energy, this week is a journey of emotional evolution and personal growth. Let each phase inspire you to find balance, embrace change, seek new horizons, and build with purpose. 🌙✨

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week holds the celestial spotlight with the first eclipse of 2024 lighting up the sky on Monday, March 25th, at precisely 12:13 am. We’re diving into the transformative waters of a Libra Lunar Eclipse, positioned at 5°, making it a prime time for karmic happenings and events that feel fated or destined. Such moments can usher in significant changes, particularly in relationships and legal matters, given Libra’s influence over these areas. Balance, harmony, and fairness are under the cosmic microscope now, urging everyone to find equilibrium in their lives and connections.

Adding an extra layer to this week’s cosmic dynamics is the fact that this marks the last week where all the planets march forward in their direct motion. Come April 1st, Mercury, the planet of communication, trade, and travel, will begin its retrograde dance. This shift urges a slowdown in decision-making and signals a period where revisiting, reviewing, and revising become crucial, especially in how we express ourselves and interact with the world around us.

For those directly in the path of this cosmic wave—Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn—you might feel these energies more intensely. It’s a powerful time to embrace change, seek balance, and prepare for a period of reflection as Mercury retrograde approaches.

Scroll down to read the details of the aspects for the coming week…

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
I am dedicated to my personal growth.

This week in the Sky… 

Mar 25th

Under the velvet sky, as the Libra Lunar Eclipse at 5° casts its spell at 12:13am PDT / 3:13am EDT, we’re stepping into a powerful cosmic portal, the first Eclipse of 2024, beckoning us towards profound transformations in our relationships and our quest for balance. Libra, the sign of harmony, diplomacy, and partnership, is in the spotlight, illuminating the paths that lead us to deeper connections and fairer exchanges with those around us.

This Lunar Eclipse is not just any celestial event; it’s a moment of revelation, where the scales of justice and the heart are delicately balanced, asking us to evaluate our closest ties and the peace within our souls. It’s a time to shed what no longer serves the equilibrium we seek, encouraging us to let go of outdated patterns or relationships that weigh us down rather than lift us up.

There will also be a harmonious aspect between the the Moon in Libra and Pluto, the planet of transformation, which promises deep, soul-level changes that align with our quest for balance, fairness, and beauty, thanks to Libra’s gentle influence. Meanwhile, Pluto’s journey through forward-thinking Aquarius nudges us towards revolutionary shifts in how we connect and contribute to the collective. Expect breakthroughs in understanding, not just with partners and close allies, but in the broader sense of belonging and contributing to something greater than ourselves. This is a moment to embrace change, to let go of what no longer serves our highest good, and to step into a more authentic and empowering way of being in relation to others and to the world.

As the first Eclipse of the year, it sets a powerful tone for personal and collective evolution, emphasizing the importance of finding our center. Through this celestial shake-up, we’re called to embrace change with grace, to negotiate our needs with love, and to strive for harmony in our inner and outer worlds. Let’s navigate this transformative period with open hearts, ready to align more closely with our truest desires and highest ideals of partnership and fairness.

Aries: This eclipse illuminates your relationships and partnerships. It’s a cosmic nudge to balance your needs with those of others. Expect revelations about give-and-take in your closest ties. Embrace compromise and collaboration for harmony in all connections.

Taurus: A focus on health and daily routines awaits you, Taurus. The eclipse encourages a harmonious lifestyle overhaul. Reassess your habits and work-life balance. It’s time to align your daily grind with your overall well-being for a more fulfilling everyday experience.

Gemini: Creativity and romance take center stage, Gemini. This eclipse brings joy, sparking new passions or rekindling old flames. Open your heart to spontaneous love and let your creative juices flow. Embrace the pleasure and playfulness the universe offers.

Cancer: Home and family matters are highlighted, Cancer. The eclipse urges you to find balance within your domestic realm. Emotional conversations may surface, paving the way for stronger foundations and clearer understanding among loved ones. Nurture your nest with love.

Leo: Communication is key during this eclipse, Leo. It’s time to speak your heart with honesty and listen with equal openness. The eclipse brings opportunities for meaningful dialogues that can bridge gaps and deepen connections. Express yourself and connect sincerely.

Virgo: Your financial and material world is under scrutiny, Virgo. This eclipse prompts a reevaluation of your resources and self-worth. Seek balance in spending and saving. It’s an opportune time to reassess what truly adds value to your life and let go of unnecessary attachments.

Libra: This eclipse in your sign, Libra, marks a significant personal milestone. It’s about your relationships, yes, but also about how you relate to yourself. Seek harmony within, and the outer world will reflect it. Embrace this chance for self-discovery and personal growth.

Scorpio: For you, Scorpio, this eclipse is a journey into the subconscious. It’s a time for healing, letting go, and preparing for rebirth. Reflect on past patterns and emotional baggage. This cleansing process paves the way for profound internal transformations. Embrace the solitude and introspection for true growth.

Sagittarius: Your social circle and future aspirations are in focus, Sagittarius. The eclipse illuminates the importance of your community and friendships. It’s a time to reassess your goals and the people who align with your true self. Foster connections that inspire and support your visions.

Capricorn: Career and public image are spotlighted for you, Capricorn. The eclipse challenges you to balance professional ambitions with personal life. It’s a moment to consider how your career aligns with your values and to strive for recognition that resonates with your authentic self. Lead with integrity.

Aquarius: For Aquarius, this eclipse broadens your horizons. It’s an ideal time to seek wisdom through new experiences or studies. The cosmos encourages you to explore philosophies or cultures that resonate with your soul. Embrace learning and growth to expand your worldview.

Pisces: Deep emotional bonds and shared resources come into focus, Pisces. The eclipse asks you to balance intimacy with independence. It’s a powerful moment for transformation in close relationships and financial matters. Navigate these waters with trust and openness for profound connections and empowerment.

April 1st

Mercury stations retrograde in Aries on April 1st at 3:14pm PDT / 6:14pm EDT. This is a time when we are invited to reflect deeply on how we express ourselves and think, especially in terms of our independence and ability to innovate. This period encourages us to reassess and potentially refine our approaches to ensure they align with our desires to lead and pioneer new paths.

Aries, characterized by its boldness and enterprising spirit, combined with the introspective nature of Mercury Retrograde, invites us to ponder our ways of self-expression and idea sharing. This period calls for patience and deliberate thinking before making decisions or engaging in conversations, as Aries’ fiery nature can lead to misunderstandings or disputes. It’s a crucial time to review plans, communicate with precision, and rethink your strategies for achieving objectives. This retrograde offers a unique chance to refine your approach to obstacles, ensuring that your actions align with your goals. It encourages us to blend Aries’ dynamic energy with thoughtfulness and accuracy.

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