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Dancing Through Libra Season: Sept 22nd – Oct 22nd

As we bid adieu to Virgo’s grounded vibes, we glide into the airy elegance of the Libra Season from September 22nd to October 22nd.

Hey cosmic travelers! I’m here sprinkling a bit of astral wisdom your way.

Libra ushers in a season rich with diplomacy, relationships, and all things harmonious. So, how do we make the most of this? Let’s dive in!

  1. Master the Art of Diplomacy:  Libra, symbolized by the scales, excels in seeing both sides of a story. Facing a disagreement? Take a leaf out of Libra’s book: Stay calm, hear both sides, and approach conflicts with understanding. This season is the perfect time to polish those diplomacy skills!
  2. Step into the Negotiation Arena: If there’s ever a time to strike a balanced deal or find middle ground, it’s now. Whether it’s renegotiating terms at work, settling a friendly dispute, or finding a compromise at home, harness the Libra energy to ensure all parties feel heard and valued.
  3. Deepen Those Bonds:  Ah, relationships! The heartbeat of Libra Season. It’s a splendid time to celebrate connections — old and new. Planning a date night, reconnecting with a friend, or even taking the initiative to mend a strained relationship can be especially fruitful now.
  4. Seek Harmony in All Things:  Beyond just relationships, Libra Season nudges us to find balance in our personal spaces too. Maybe it’s time to declutter your workspace, harmonize your living area with some fresh flowers, or create a tranquil playlist. Surround yourself with vibes that echo peace and equilibrium.
  5. Reflect and Rebalance:  If you’ve been feeling off-kilter, use this time for introspection. Are you giving too much in a relationship and not receiving enough? Or perhaps there’s a situation where you need to give a little more? The scales of Libra remind us of the beauty in balance.

Embracing Libra Season is like perfecting an elegant dance — every move is deliberate, harmonizing with either a partner or your personal melody, as we joyfully sway to the rhythms of grace, love, beauty, and harmony.

So, lovelies, lace up those dancing shoes and let Libra guide your steps. Here’s to a season of balance, beauty, and brilliant connections!

Sending you harmonious hugs,  


Patty writes astrology forecasts for her wide array of clients helping then with relationships, family, and careers when they’ve needed guidance or felt stuck.


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