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Week of December 18, 2023

Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(Dec 18th – 24th, 2023)

As we navigate the week of December 18, 2023, let’s attune ourselves to the Moon’s ever-shifting journey through the zodiac. The Moon, our closest cosmic companion, profoundly influences our emotional landscape, revealing our innermost feelings and the essence of our need for security. Let’s dive into the unique energy each lunar phase brings this week.

Monday – Moon in Pisces:
We start the week with the Moon in the mystical and intuitive Pisces. This is a time to embrace our inner dreamer and empath. The Piscean Moon invites us into a world of heightened sensitivity, creativity, and emotional depth. It’s an ideal period for artistic pursuits, spiritual exploration, and connecting with the subtle undercurrents of our emotions. Let yourself be guided by intuition and empathy, and find solace in the poetic and mystical aspects of life.

Tuesday Afternoon – Moon into Aries:
As we transition into Tuesday afternoon, the Moon bursts into the energetic and assertive Aries. This shift ignites a fire within us, fueling our passions and desires for independence. The Aries Moon encourages boldness, initiative, and embracing challenges with a pioneering spirit. It’s a fantastic time to start new projects, assert your individuality, and tap into your inner courage. Embrace this dynamic energy, but be mindful of impulsiveness.

Thursday Evening to Sunday – Moon in Taurus:
Heading towards Thursday evening, the Moon finds its way into the grounded and sensual Taurus. This transit invites us to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life. The Taurus Moon is about comfort, stability, and enjoying life’s tangible pleasures. It’s a period for indulging in good food, connecting with nature, and nurturing our physical well-being. Embrace this time to focus on practical matters, find serenity in simplicity, and enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

Throughout this week, the Moon guides us from the dreamy depths of Pisces, through the fiery independence of Aries, and into the comforting embrace of Taurus. Each phase offers insights into balancing our spiritual and emotional needs, taking bold actions, and finding peace in life’s simple joys. May this week be filled with imaginative dreams, courageous steps, and a deep sense of contentment. Enjoy the lunar dance!

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

This coming week welcomes the Winter Solstice, a pivotal moment in our cosmic calendar marking the shortest day of the year. This celestial event signifies a turning point, where darkness begins to give way to increasing light, reminding us of the ever-present balance between shadow and illumination in our lives. It’s a time to reflect, reset, and envision what we want to cultivate in the longer days ahead.

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
My potential is unlimited.

This week in the Sky… 

December 18th

In the astrological landscape, when Mercury in Capricorn forms a trine with Jupiter in Taurus, we’re looking at a harmonious blend of earth energy that spells practical wisdom and expansive thinking. Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, finds a stable and structured expression in Capricorn. This brings a focus on clear, strategic thinking and practical decision-making.

Jupiter in Taurus adds to this with its expansive and generous nature, but in Taurus, Jupiter’s expansion is more grounded and focused on tangible results. This combination is excellent for long-term planning and setting achievable goals. It’s a time when big ideas can be translated into concrete steps, thanks to the practicality of Capricorn and the solidity of Taurus.

During this transit, look for opportunities to grow in your career, education, or any field that requires both vision and detailed planning. It’s an ideal time for making plans that require a long-term commitment, and for communicating your big ideas in ways that others can easily understand and support.

This Mercury-Jupiter trine is a wonderful astrological aspect for anyone looking to blend aspirational goals with a practical approach. It’s a time to think big, yet stay grounded, and to use your wisdom and knowledge to build something lasting and meaningful.

Everyone will be affected by this aspect but Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, whether its your Sun or Rising sign will be impacted most.

December 20th

When Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, we’re thrust into a cosmic tug-of-war between deep, intense emotions and the desire for unexpected change. Venus in Scorpio delves into the realms of passion, intimacy, and transformation, intensifying our relationships and emotional connections. Scorpio’s energy is all about depth and merging, urging us to explore the profound aspects of our partnerships and finances.

On the other side, Uranus in Taurus shakes up our sense of security and stability, especially in areas ruled by Taurus like finances, values, and pleasure. Uranus is the planet of sudden changes, breakthroughs, and revolutions, and in Taurus, these upheavals are grounded in the material world.

This opposition can create a dynamic tension, leading to unexpected twists in relationships and financial matters. You may find yourself craving more freedom and independence in areas where you’ve previously sought depth and closeness. It’s a time to expect the unexpected in love and money, and to embrace the possibility of transformation.

For everyone, especially those with key planets in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, this transit is an invitation to find balance between depth and freedom, stability and change. It’s about learning to integrate the transformative power of Scorpio with the innovative spirit of Uranus, leading to profound personal growth and relationship evolution.

December 21st

As we welcome the Winter Solstice on Dec 20th at 7:27 PM PST / 10:27 PM EST, we embrace a pivotal moment in our celestial journey. This solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, symbolizing a deep, introspective time as we enter a new season.

The Winter Solstice is a time for reflection, contemplation, and inner work. It’s a period to look back on the year, acknowledge the growth and the challenges, and set intentions for the upcoming cycle. The energy during this solstice is quiet yet potent, urging us to slow down, turn inward, and reconnect with our innermost desires and dreams.

In astrology, the solstice is a significant turning point, offering a powerful opportunity for resetting and rebalancing. It’s an ideal time to meditate on your personal and spiritual goals, and to plant the seeds for what you wish to cultivate in the coming months.

As the Sun enters Capricorn, it’s a reminder of the constant flow of life and the enduring cycle of death and rebirth. Embrace this moment to release what no longer serves you and to make space for new beginnings and fresh perspectives as we enter a new season.

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