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{Newsletter} Cancer New Moon Horoscopes for each Sign & Neptune Retrogrades

Week of July 1, 2024

Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(July 1st – 7th, 2024)

The Moon, the quickest moving luminary in our galaxy, changes signs every couple of days. The Moon is a symbol of our innermost feelings and what we need to feel safe. Understanding the Moon’s journey through the zodiac helps us align with the emotional undercurrents influencing our lives, guiding us toward greater harmony and fulfillment. This week, the Moon’s movement is especially significant as it shapes our emotional landscape, providing insights into our moods, desires, and interactions.

Starting in Taurus:
Our week begins with the Moon in steady Taurus, grounding our emotions and encouraging us to focus on stability, comfort, and sensual pleasures. This phase invites us to slow down, enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and nurture our sense of security. It’s a perfect time for indulging in self-care, appreciating nature, and reinforcing our foundations.

Tuesday Morning – Moon into Gemini:
By Tuesday morning, the Moon shifts into curious Gemini, bringing a light, communicative, and versatile energy. Gemini Moon sparks our desire for interaction, learning, and variety. It’s an ideal time for socializing, engaging in stimulating conversations, and exploring new ideas. Embrace this period to expand your knowledge, connect with others, and stay flexible in your pursuits.

Thursday Mid Afternoon – Moon into Cancer and Cancer Full Moon on Friday at 3:57pm:
As we move into Thursday, the Moon enters nurturing Cancer, leading to the Full Moon in Cancer on Friday afternoon. This powerful lunar phase emphasizes themes of home, family, and emotional security. The Cancer Full Moon illuminates our deepest needs for comfort and connection, making it a time for heartfelt conversations, emotional release, and focusing on our personal and domestic lives. Use this period to strengthen your bonds with loved ones and create a nurturing environment.

Saturday Evening – Moon into Leo:
The week wraps up with the Moon transitioning into vibrant Leo on Saturday evening, bringing a burst of creativity, confidence, and joy. Leo Moon encourages us to express ourselves, embrace our passions, and shine brightly. It’s an excellent time for celebrating life, engaging in creative projects, and enjoying the company of friends and family. Let your inner light shine and take center stage in your life.

From Taurus’s grounding presence, through Gemini’s curious spark, into Cancer’s nurturing embrace, and finishing in Leo’s radiant glow, this week offers a diverse array of energies to explore and integrate. Let each phase guide your understanding and management of your emotional world, enhancing both personal growth and your interactions with others.

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Can you believe it’s July 1st already?! Time is zooming by, and this week, the energy is fertile with possibilities. It’s a magical moment where dreams can come true, and doors of opportunity you never knew existed might just swing open.

Let’s dive into the celestial happenings: Neptune, the planet of dreams, intuition, and illusions, stations retrograde this week. When Neptune shifts into reverse, it’s like the fog begins to lift, revealing hidden truths and insights. It’s a perfect time to tune into your intuition and get clear on what’s real versus what’s merely a dream. Use this energy to reassess your goals and see through any illusions that may have clouded your vision.

Adding to the cosmic mix, we have a Cancer New Moon. New Moons are all about fresh starts and setting intentions, and in the nurturing sign of Cancer, this lunation is perfect for planting the seeds of your deepest desires. Cancer’s energy encourages us to connect with our emotions and create a secure and loving environment, both within ourselves and in our homes. Cancer horoscopes for each sign are below!

Cancer friends, this is your time to shine and set powerful intentions for the year ahead. Pisces and Scorpios, Neptune’s retrograde will heighten your intuitive abilities, helping you navigate your dreams with greater clarity. Capricorns and Libras, the New Moon offers a chance to recalibrate your emotional world and embrace new beginnings.

This week is bursting with potential—embrace it, dream big, and watch the magic unfold!

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Scroll down to read your horoscope for the Cancer New Moon and other aspects and details for the coming week…

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
I am a Soul on a sacred journey, evolving and expanding in harmony with the Universe.

This week in the Sky… 

July 2ndNeptune stations retrograde in Pisces at 29°

When Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces at 29° on June 29th at 3:40am PDT / 6:40am EDT, we are ushered into a deeply introspective and transformative period. Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, and spirituality, in its home sign of Pisces, heightens our sensitivity and intuition. As it turns retrograde, this mystical energy invites us to peel back the layers of illusion and delve into the core of our spiritual truth.

During this retrograde, the veil between reality and fantasy thins, encouraging us to reflect on our dreams, beliefs, and spiritual practices. It’s a time to confront any escapist tendencies, face our fears, and dissolve the illusions that have been clouding our vision. This introspective journey allows us to reconnect with our inner selves, enhancing our intuition and deepening our spiritual understanding.

We may find ourselves revisiting old dreams or uncovering hidden truths that we previously overlooked. This period is ideal for engaging in spiritual practices such as meditation, journaling, and dream work, as they will help us navigate the nebulous energies of Neptune. By embracing this time of reflection, we can gain profound insights and clarity, paving the way for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The zodiac signs most impacted by this retrograde are Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Pisces will feel a direct call to delve into their subconscious and spiritual realms, while Virgo will need to balance their practical nature with their spiritual needs. Gemini and Sagittarius, being mutable signs, will experience a heightened sensitivity to the energies, prompting them to reassess their beliefs and aspirations.

Embrace Neptune’s retrograde as an opportunity to explore the depths of your soul, to release old illusions, and to connect with your true spiritual essence. Trust that this journey will guide you toward greater clarity, compassion, and inner peace.

July 5thCancer New Moon at 14° on July 5th

The Cancer New Moon at 14° on July 5th at 3:57pm PDT / 6:57pm EDT, trining Saturn in Pisces, offers a powerful opportunity for emotional grounding and structured spiritual growth. New Moons signify new beginnings and fresh starts, and with the nurturing energy of Cancer, this lunation focuses on home, family, and emotional security.

This harmonious trine to Saturn in Pisces adds a layer of stability and discipline to our intentions. Saturn’s influence helps us solidify our emotional goals, bringing a sense of responsibility and maturity to our heartfelt desires. It’s a time to build strong foundations in our personal lives, supported by the compassionate and intuitive energy of Pisces.

During this New Moon, we are encouraged to create emotional structures that support our well-being. It’s a perfect moment to set intentions related to home improvements, family dynamics, and self-care routines. The trine to Saturn ensures that our efforts will have lasting impact, fostering long-term growth and stability.

Embrace this Cancer New Moon as a time to nurture your emotional foundations, set realistic goals, and build a supportive environment for yourself and your loved ones. Trust in the grounding energy of Saturn to help manifest your intentions with discipline and compassion, leading to lasting emotional fulfillment and spiritual growth.

Here are your horoscopes for each sign. Be sure to read your rising sign first, followed by your Sun sign for the most comprehensive insight.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces invites you to focus on creating a nurturing environment at home. This is a time to set intentions for emotional security and strengthen family bonds. Saturn’s influence adds a touch of discipline, encouraging you to take a mature approach to your domestic life. Consider home improvements or organizing family gatherings to build a solid foundation. This New Moon also prompts you to address any lingering emotional issues with loved ones, fostering healing and understanding. Trust that your efforts will bring lasting stability and warmth to your home. Embrace this opportunity to connect deeply with your roots and create a sanctuary that supports your well-being and growth.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces highlights communication and connection in your life. It’s an ideal time to set intentions for clear and compassionate communication with siblings, neighbors, and close friends. Saturn’s grounding energy helps you establish practical plans for improving these relationships. Consider starting a journal or writing letters to express your feelings and thoughts. This New Moon encourages you to learn new skills or take up a course that enhances your knowledge and communication abilities. Your words carry weight now, so use them to build bridges and foster understanding. Trust that your efforts to communicate with clarity and compassion will lead to lasting bonds and personal growth.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces focuses on your financial stability and self-worth. This is a potent time to set intentions for financial security and responsible spending. Saturn’s influence urges you to create a budget or financial plan that supports your long-term goals. Reflect on your values and how they align with your earning and spending habits. This New Moon also encourages you to invest in yourself, whether through education, self-care, or personal development. Embrace the opportunity to build a solid foundation for your financial future. Trust that your disciplined approach will lead to lasting stability and a stronger sense of self-worth.


The Cancer New Moon, harmonizing with Saturn in Pisces, is your personal reset button. It’s time to focus on your emotional and physical well-being. Saturn’s steadying influence encourages you to establish routines and practices that nurture your body and soul. Set intentions for self-care, whether it’s starting a new health regimen, committing to a daily meditation practice, or simply taking time for yourself. This New Moon empowers you to shed old habits and embrace new ones that support your growth. Trust in your ability to create a balanced, fulfilling life. Your efforts will bring lasting emotional stability and a renewed sense of purpose.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces shines a light on your spiritual and subconscious realms. It’s an excellent time to set intentions for inner peace and spiritual growth. Saturn’s grounding energy supports you in establishing a daily spiritual practice, such as meditation, prayer, or journaling. Reflect on your dreams and inner desires, and consider how they align with your external reality. This New Moon encourages you to release past emotional baggage and embrace healing. Trust in the process of introspection and the power of your intuition. Your commitment to your spiritual path will lead to profound personal growth and inner harmony.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces brings focus to your social networks and long-term goals. This is an ideal time to set intentions for building meaningful connections and aligning your ambitions with your values. Saturn’s influence helps you take a disciplined approach to your social life, encouraging you to connect with like-minded individuals who support your growth. Consider joining groups or communities that resonate with your interests and values. This New Moon also prompts you to reassess your long-term goals and create a practical plan to achieve them. Trust in the power of collaboration and the strength of your networks to help you reach your aspirations.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces highlights your career and public life. It’s a powerful time to set intentions for professional growth and long-term success. Saturn’s grounding energy encourages you to take a disciplined approach to your career goals, focusing on building a solid foundation for the future. Reflect on your professional ambitions and consider how they align with your personal values. This New Moon prompts you to take responsibility for your career path, making strategic plans and setting achievable goals. Trust in your ability to create lasting success and recognition in your chosen field through dedication and hard work.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces focuses on your personal growth and higher learning. This is a perfect time to set intentions for expanding your horizons, whether through education, travel, or spiritual exploration. Saturn’s influence encourages you to take a disciplined approach to your quest for knowledge and self-improvement. Reflect on your beliefs and how they shape your worldview. This New Moon prompts you to seek out experiences that challenge and inspire you, fostering personal and spiritual growth. Trust in your ability to navigate new territories and embrace the opportunities for growth that come your way.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces highlights your shared resources and transformation. It’s a potent time to set intentions for financial stability and emotional healing. Saturn’s grounding energy supports you in creating a practical plan for managing debts, investments, and shared assets. Reflect on your emotional and financial partnerships, considering how you can foster trust and mutual support. This New Moon also encourages you to delve into your subconscious, addressing any fears or unresolved issues that may be holding you back. Trust in the transformative power of this period to bring lasting healing and financial security.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces brings focus to your relationships and partnerships. This is an ideal time to set intentions for building harmonious and supportive connections. Saturn’s influence encourages you to take a mature and responsible approach to your relationships, fostering mutual respect and understanding. Reflect on the balance between give and take in your partnerships and consider how you can strengthen these bonds. This New Moon prompts you to establish healthy boundaries and communicate your needs clearly. Trust in your ability to create lasting, meaningful relationships that support your personal growth and well-being.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces shines a light on your health and daily routines. It’s a powerful time to set intentions for improving your well-being and creating a balanced lifestyle. Saturn’s grounding energy supports you in establishing disciplined health habits, whether it’s starting a new exercise routine, eating healthier, or managing stress more effectively. Reflect on how your daily habits impact your overall health and well-being. This New Moon encourages you to create a structured plan for achieving your health goals. Trust in your ability to make lasting changes that support your physical and emotional health.


The Cancer New Moon trining Saturn in Pisces highlights your creative expression and personal joy. This is a perfect time to set intentions for nurturing your passions and embracing your inner child. Saturn’s influence encourages you to take a disciplined approach to your creative projects, focusing on bringing your ideas to life with structure and dedication. Reflect on what truly brings you joy and how you can incorporate more of it into your daily life. This New Moon prompts you to pursue your creative goals with commitment and enthusiasm. Trust in your ability to create a life filled with joy and creative fulfillment.

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