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{Newsletter} Embrace Change: Taurus New Moon Conjuncts Uranus, Ushering in Unexpected Twists and Exciting New Beginnings!

Week of May 6, 2024

Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(May 6th – 12th, 2024)

This week, let’s ride the celestial waves as the Moon guides us from the dynamic energy of Aries, through the stabilizing forces of Taurus, into the communicative breeze of Gemini, and finally into the nurturing waters of Cancer. Each lunar phase offers a unique opportunity to align with our deepest needs and desires.

Starting in Aries:
We begin the week with the Moon in fiery Aries, sparking a drive for action and independence. This is a perfect time to embrace challenges, assert your will, and start new projects with enthusiasm. Aries inspires us to lead, to be bold, and to act with confidence. Harness this energy to propel your personal ambitions forward.

Monday Afternoon – Moon into Taurus:
As the Moon transitions into Taurus on Monday afternoon, our focus shifts towards grounding and stability. Taurus invites us to slow down, enjoy the sensual pleasures of life, and establish a sense of security. This period is ideal for focusing on financial and emotional investments, cultivating patience, and appreciating the beauty in simplicity. Embrace practicality and let comfort be your guide.

Wednesday Late Afternoon – Moon into Gemini:
By Wednesday, the Moon moves into lively Gemini, lighting up our social circuits and stimulating our curiosity. Gemini encourages us to explore, learn, and connect. This is a great time for communications, short trips, and indulging in a variety of interests. Let your adaptability shine as you navigate through engaging conversations and intellectual pursuits.

Late Friday Night – Moon into Cancer through Sunday:
The week concludes with the Moon in its home sign of Cancer, deepening our need for comfort and emotional connection. This phase is about nurturing ourselves and our loved ones, creating a safe and cozy environment. Cancer’s influence heightens our intuition and invites us to reflect on our emotional well-being. Spend time at home, connect deeply with family, and let your compassionate heart lead the way.

From the assertive start in Aries, through the grounding in Taurus, the mental agility in Gemini, and culminating in Cancer’s emotional embrace, this week is a journey of balancing action with comfort, curiosity with introspection. Let each lunar phase enrich your experiences as you navigate through these dynamic energies.

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Get ready for a week that promises to plant seeds of exciting new beginnings! The cosmic highlight is the New Moon in Taurus, a perfect time for setting intentions around stability, comfort, and pleasure. This isn’t just any New Moon though; it’s making a dynamic aspect to Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and innovation. Expect the unexpected—breakthroughs in how you approach finances, love, and personal values are on the horizon. This electric combination urges us to break free from the usual and embrace innovative ways to secure our futures.

For Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, this week might feel particularly potent. These signs are encouraged to explore new ways of building security and comfort in their lives, possibly reinventing their approach to possessions and personal resources.

And while you’re syncing up with this transformative New Moon energy, don’t forget to check out the New episode of “The Astrology Chronicles.” This next installment focuses on relationships, along with my co-host Tamerri and myself discussing personal experiences. Make sure to tune in and uncover valuable insights that could reshape your approach to relationships during this potent lunar phase. Don’t miss it!

Scroll down to read your horoscope for the Taurus New Moon and other aspects and details for the coming week…

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
I am a vessel of Divine Light, channeling love and healing to myself and the world.

This week in the Sky… 

May 6th

As the Sun in steady Taurus sextiles Saturn in dreamy Pisces, we’re blessed with a cosmic blend of earth and water energies that bring both stability and imagination into our lives. This soothing aspect, which encourages growth through practicality combined with intuition, offers a beautiful balance that can help us ground our dreams in reality.

Taurus, the sign that governs our material world—think money, possessions, and pleasures—brings a solid, dependable vibe. Meanwhile, Saturn in Pisces adds a layer of wisdom, endurance, and a touch of spiritual insight, helping us to not only dream but to manifest those dreams with discipline and patience. It’s like having a wise old sage whispering the secrets of the universe, guiding us to build our castles not just in the sky but right here on Earth.

This is a fantastic time for long-term planning and taking steps towards more significant, more soulful goals. Whether it’s securing your financial future, embarking on a creative project, or deepening your spiritual practice, the energy is ripe for making commitments that will have lasting impacts.

Use this period to align your practical needs with your spiritual values. It’s about weaving your dreams into the fabric of your daily life, creating a tapestry that is not only beautiful but durable. Let the steady hand of Taurus and the mystical touch of Pisces lead you to create something truly meaningful and enduring.

May 7th
Lets plant some revolutionary seeds under the Taurus New Moon at 18°, happening at 8:22 PM PDT / 11:22 PM EDT, and tightly conjunct Uranus. This isn’t just any New Moon; it’s a cosmic mixer with unpredictable Uranus, promising surprises and sudden shifts especially around our values, finances, and sense of security.

Taurus is all about comfort, stability, and pleasure, but when Uranus enters the scene, the usual slow and steady pace of Taurus is electrified with a spark of change. Expect the unexpected in areas of life that you thought were stable or set in stone. This could manifest as sudden financial opportunities, innovative ideas popping up out of nowhere, or new ways of earning and spending that shake up your status quo.

To make the most of this energy, stay flexible and open to change. The ground might shift under your feet, but it’s all part of growth. Embrace the new and unusual, and consider how these changes can lead to greater freedom and authenticity in your life.

This New Moon is perfect for setting intentions that break you out of old ruts and propel you into uncharted territories. Think about where you’ve been too comfortable or stuck and use this powerful lunar moment to initiate breakthroughs. It’s time to redefine what security and stability mean to you in this ever-changing world.

For a deeper understanding and a clearer picture of how these celestial changes might play out for you, make sure to read the horoscopes below for both your Rising Sign and Sun Sign.


Oh, Aries! This Taurus New Moon conjunct Uranus in your financial sector is stirring up some unexpected opportunities 💰✨. It’s all about breaking free from your usual earnings and spending patterns. You might find new ways to increase your income or discover a sudden desire to invest in something radically different. Set intentions around financial independence and be ready to jump on unexpected chances that could lead to long-term security.


Taurus, this New Moon in your sign, aligned with Uranus, is a personal revolution! 🌑🌟 Expect significant changes in how you see yourself and how you want to present yourself to the world. This is your cosmic cue to reinvent your persona, perhaps even your appearance. Embrace the unpredictable and consider this an opportunity to refresh your personal goals and ambitions. Set intentions that reflect your true self, not the one you think you should be.


For you, Gemini, this New Moon lights up your subconscious mind, bringing flashes of insight and sudden intuitive hits 🧠⚡. It’s a fantastic time to start a meditation practice or engage in activities that connect you to your inner self. You might experience revelations that change your perspective dramatically. Use this period to let go of past hang-ups and heal. Set intentions that involve personal liberation and spiritual growth.


This electrifying New Moon activates your social sector, Cancer 🌟👥. Expect surprises in your social circle—new faces that bring refreshing energy or sudden changes within existing friendships. It’s a potent time to reassess your alliances and push towards forming connections that truly resonate with your soul. Consider how these relationships align with your values and future goals. Set intentions focused on fostering authentic community ties.


Leo, this New Moon conjunct Uranus shines a spotlight on your career and public image 💼🌟. Surprising developments might propel you into a new direction or offer unexpected opportunities to stand out. It’s time to think outside the box professionally. Whether it’s a sudden job offer, a radical project, or an innovative business idea, embrace the changes and consider how they align with your true calling. Set your intentions on career breakthroughs that reflect your unique talents.


For you, Virgo, this New Moon expands your horizons in unexpected ways 🌍✨. It’s all about breaking the routine and experiencing life beyond your usual boundaries. This could manifest as sudden opportunities to travel, study, or explore new philosophies that shake up your worldview. Embrace learning and new experiences that challenge your perceptions. Set intentions that broaden your mental and physical horizons.


Libra, this New Moon triggers transformation in your sector of intimacy and shared resources 💞💰. Expect the unexpected in financial arrangements or personal connections that go deep. This could be a sudden windfall, an unexpected investment opportunity, or shifts in your intimate relationships. Use this time to redefine what you share and merge with others, both materially and emotionally. Set intentions that focus on financial independence and deeper emotional connections.


This New Moon brings sudden shifts in your closest partnerships, Scorpio 💑⚡. Whether business or personal, relationships are infused with a fresh burst of energy and possibly, unexpected changes. This might mean reevaluating your commitments or welcoming someone new and exciting into your life. Embrace flexibility in partnerships and consider how these dynamics enhance your growth. Set intentions that foster freedom and authenticity in relationships.


For you, Sagittarius, this New Moon revolutionizes your work and health routines 🏋️‍♂️💡. Unpredictable Uranus might bring sudden changes to your job or health habits that require quick adjustments. Perhaps a new job approach or an innovative health regimen emerges. Embrace these changes and consider how they can lead to more freedom and better well-being. Set intentions that focus on optimizing your daily routines and health.


Capricorn, creativity and romance are electrified under this New Moon 🎨❤️. Unexpected inspiration might strike, or a new romantic interest could appear suddenly. This is a fantastic time to start a creative project that breaks the mold or to refresh your approach to romance and pleasure. Let your creative juices flow and consider how embracing more spontaneity brings joy into your life. Set intentions that spark joy and creativity.


Aquarius, this New Moon brings unexpected changes to your home and family life 🏠🌪️. Whether it’s moving house, a family member moving in or out, or a renovation that suddenly takes a different direction, be ready for domestic surprises. These changes aim to liberate you from outdated family dynamics or living conditions that no longer serve you. Set intentions that create a more authentic and freeing home environment.


Pisces, your communication channels are buzzing with this New Moon, aligned with Uranus 📢📡. Expect sudden ideas, conversations, or insights that challenge your usual way of thinking. This is a great time to experiment with how you express yourself, perhaps through writing, speaking, or other forms of communication. Embrace the new and unusual in your interactions and consider how these can lead to more meaningful connections. Set intentions that enhance your communication skills and widen your intellectual horizons.

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