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{Newsletter} – Get Ready for an Unstable Week: Venus & Mars Change Signs and Pluto Stations Retrograde… Dig Deep!

Week of April 29, 2024

Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(April 29th – May 5th, 2024)

This week, our celestial guide, the Moon, takes us on a profound journey through the zodiac, beginning with the steadfast resolve of Capricorn, then flowing into the innovative currents of Aquarius, drifting into the mystical waters of Pisces, and finally igniting with the fiery energy of Aries.

Starting in Capricorn:
We begin the week under the influence of Capricorn, where the Moon grounds us with a sense of duty and determination. Capricorn calls us to set goals, focus on achievements, and build structures that support our long-term success. This is a time to be disciplined, manage your resources wisely, and maintain your integrity in all pursuits. Use this energy to fortify your commitments and honor your responsibilities.

Tuesday Morning – Moon into Aquarius:
As we transition into Tuesday, the Moon enters forward-thinking Aquarius, sparking a desire to innovate and connect with community. Aquarius inspires us to think outside the box, advocate for change, and cherish our independence while still appreciating the power of collective efforts. It’s a perfect period for exploring new technologies, embracing unique ideas, and championing humanitarian causes.

Thursday Late Morning – Moon into Pisces:
By late Thursday morning, the Moon moves into ethereal Pisces, enveloping us in a blanket of sensitivity and intuition. During this phase, our emotional radar becomes finely attuned, inviting us to delve into our inner worlds and connect with the universal flow. Pisces encourages creativity, spiritual reflection, and compassion. Allow yourself to dream, heal, and tap into your subconscious.

Early Saturday Afternoon – Moon into Aries through Sunday:
The week concludes with the Moon’s shift into dynamic Aries, rekindling our spirit with bursts of enthusiasm and a pioneering vibe. Aries drives us to take action, assert ourselves, and embrace new beginnings with courage. It’s a powerful time to initiate projects, champion your desires, and lead with confidence. Let your passions lead the way as you boldly step into new experiences.

From Capricorn’s practical magic, through Aquarius’s visionary dreams, into Pisces’s mystical depths, and finishing with Aries’s vibrant energy, this week offers a rich tapestry of experiences to deepen our understanding of ourselves and to propel us forward. May you find stability, innovation, inspiration, and courage on your journey.

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to a new month that promises to be a whirlwind of celestial activity right from the start! This week sets the stage with some major planetary shifts that are bound to stir things up. Venus and Mars, the planets of love and action, are moving into signs where they hold rulership—Venus into sensual Taurus and Mars into assertive Aries. This means both planets are exceptionally comfortable and potent, enhancing all matters of affection, financial pursuits, ambitions, and energies directed toward personal passions.

Adding a layer of complexity, big daddy Pluto begins its retrograde journey. When Pluto retrogrades, it’s time to reflect on power dynamics, deep-seated transformations, and slow-burning changes. This can sometimes feel like a period of instability or blocked opportunities, urging us to look deeper into the issues at hand. If you would like more insight on how this is unfolding in your chart, click here to schedule a reading.

The signs most impacted by these shifts—Taurus, Aries, Aquarius, Scorpio, Libra and Leo—might feel these energies more intensely. This isn’t the week to push for quick resolutions or make impulsive moves. Instead, embrace this time as an opportunity to realign with your core desires and reconsider your strategies before moving ahead.

Scroll down to read the details of the aspects for the coming week…

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
I am a co-creator of my reality, manifesting positivity and abundance through my thoughts and intentions

This week in the Sky… 

April 29th
The planet of love, beauty, and money, saunters into her luxurious home sign of Taurus, where she will stay until May 23rd. This transit invites us all to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life. Venus in Taurus is all about sensual pleasures—enjoying delicious food, indulging in physical comforts, and relishing in the beauty of the world around us.

Expect your desire for stability and security in love and finances to deepen during this period. Venus in Taurus doesn’t rush; she prefers relationships and investments that promise long-term gains and can withstand the tests of time. It’s a perfect time for pampering yourself, decorating your space, or exploring nature’s wonders. The earthy energy of Taurus enhances Venus’s natural charm, making it easier to attract and manifest abundance and affection.

However, be mindful of Taurus’s shadow side: stubbornness and materialism. While it’s great to enjoy life’s luxuries, avoid overindulgence or becoming too set in your ways, especially in matters of the heart. To make the most of this transit, focus on building lasting connections and value in your life. Whether it’s planting a garden, investing in a piece of art, or nurturing your relationships, let Venus in Taurus guide you towards sustainable and rewarding endeavors. Enjoy this time of grounded beauty and tangible growth.

April 30th
Alright everyone, strap in because Mars, the planet of action and energy, is blazing into its home sign of Aries and will be firing up our lives until June 8th! This transit is like a cosmic shot of espresso, revving up our engines and fueling our drive to pursue our passions and ambitions with boldness and bravery.

When Mars is in Aries, it’s all about instant gratification. We’re likely to feel more impulsive, eager to initiate projects and leap into new ventures without hesitation. The warrior spirit of Aries empowers us to confront challenges head-on and to champion our causes fiercely. This is an excellent time for starting anything that requires courage, be it a new business, a physical regimen, or even standing up for your beliefs.

However, with this great power comes the need for control. Mars in Aries can make us prone to aggression and impatience, so it’s crucial to channel this immense energy constructively. Avoid rash decisions and think before you act, especially in heated situations.

Use this period to tackle your goals with renewed vigor but maintain awareness of your actions and their impacts. Harness the fiery energy of Mars in Aries to lead with confidence and assertiveness. It’s time to ignite your inner fire and charge ahead with purpose and passion!

May 2nd
Hold onto your cosmic hats, folks, because Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration, is about to take us on a deep, introspective ride. Starting its retrograde motion in Aquarius and moving back into Capricorn until October 11th, this phase is all about revisiting and restructuring the big, societal transformations we’ve started to witness and participate in.

Pluto’s retrograde in Aquarius prompts us to rethink our roles within society and the collective groups we align with. It’s a time to reflect on our hopes for the future and the revolutionary changes we wish to see. What works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, what role do we play in this massive web of collective evolution?

When Pluto slides back into Capricorn, the focus sharpens on structures, authority, and foundations. Are they serving us, or are they due for a profound overhaul? This is a period for reevaluating the structures in our lives, from careers to governments, and making sure they’re built on principles that will last and serve the greater good. This backdrop is especially significant as the United States approaches its presidential election in November. The energy of Pluto retrograde demands deep, foundational change, and it will highlight the themes of power, transformation, and rebirth throughout the election process.

Then as Pluto moves back into Aquarius on November 19th for the next 20 years, we’re looking at long-term changes that will reshape our collective experience. This isn’t just a minor shift; it’s a seismic transformation in how we connect as a global community.

Use this period to ponder deeply on these themes. It’s a time for healing, understanding, and ultimately, powerful transformation. Let’s dive deep, do the hard work, and emerge ready to build a better world. The outcomes of these astrological movements might very well be reflected in the political changes and decisions shaped during this pivotal election.

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