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{Newsletter} Mars & Pluto Have an Intense Meeting and Venus has a Nurturing Shift: Inviting Emotional Depth and Healing!

Week of June 10, 2024

Where is the Moon this Week?
(June 10th – 16th, 2024)

As we navigate through the coming week, the Moon transitions from Leo to Scorpio, each sign imparting unique energies that influence our emotions and daily interactions. Understanding these lunar shifts is key, as they help us align our emotions with the cosmic rhythm, enabling us to respond more effectively to challenges and opportunities. By attuning to these changes, we can manage our feelings and actions in a way that enhances harmony and personal growth.

Starting in Leo:
We kick off the week with the Moon in vibrant Leo, infusing our hearts with warmth and a desire for expression. Leo stirs our creative energies and passion for life, urging us to take center stage in our own stories. It’s a time to celebrate your individuality, enjoy life’s pleasures, and engage in activities that bring joy and recognition.

Tuesday Late Evening – Moon into Virgo:
By Tuesday night, the Moon shifts into meticulous Virgo, prompting a focus on detail and efficiency. This transit encourages us to get organized, prioritize our health, and refine our routines. Virgo’s influence is perfect for tackling tasks that require precision and attention to detail. Embrace this energy to streamline your life and improve functionality in all areas.

Friday Late Morning – Moon into Libra:
As the week progresses, the Moon enters sociable Libra, highlighting relationships and the pursuit of balance. This period is ideal for cooperative endeavors, seeking justice, and beautifying your surroundings. Libra’s diplomatic nature facilitates smoother communications and negotiations, making it a great time to resolve conflicts and create harmony both personally and professionally.

Sunday Late Evening – Moon into Scorpio:
The week concludes with the Moon plunging into the intense waters of Scorpio, deepening our emotional experiences and enhancing our intuition. Scorpio draws out our passions and secrets, urging us to look beneath the surface and confront the truths of our inner world. Use this transformative energy to foster intimacy in relationships and undertake personal transformations.

From Leo’s joyful exuberance, through Virgo’s practical precision, into Libra’s harmonious balance, and ending in Scorpio’s transformative depth, this week offers a spectrum of experiences to enrich our emotional landscape. Each lunar phase this week provides unique insights and opportunities, guiding us to express ourselves, organize our lives, seek harmony, and embrace deep personal change.

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

We’re winding down Gemini Season with a week that promises to pack a punch, astrologically speaking! As we savor the last full week under the quick-witted and communicative influence of Gemini, the stars align to bring us a particularly intense aspect. Tuesday, we’re looking at a standout astrological event—Mars in steadfast Taurus forms a challenging aspect with Pluto, now in forward-thinking Aquarius. This intense square is not just a fleeting moment; it’s potent enough to set the tone for the whole week.

When Mars, the planet of action and drive, squares off against Pluto, the planet of transformation and power, expect themes of resistance and breakthrough to dominate. Mars in Taurus prefers to keep things stable and predictable, but Pluto in Aquarius brings a push towards radical change and innovation. This can lead to a tug-of-war between holding on to the familiar and embracing the new, manifesting in personal and collective realms.

Especially impacted by this cosmic tension are those born under the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. For these signs, the week could bring significant power struggles or moments of intense personal growth. The key? Channel this confrontational energy into constructive change. Use it to challenge your limits and transform obstacles into stepping stones.

As Gemini’s intellectual buzz continues to hum in the background, let this week’s challenges refine your thoughts and strengthen your resolve. Embrace the transformational vibes and prepare for some powerful shifts ahead!

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
I am a vessel of Love and Compassion.

This week in the Sky… 

June 11th

Brace yourselves, cosmic warriors, because Mars in steadfast Taurus is squaring off with transformative Pluto in progressive Aquarius. This is a powerhouse aspect that brings a clash of titanic energies, each demanding its own kind of dominance and control. When Mars, the planet of action and aggression, tangles with Pluto, the planet of deep change and power, expect some intense dynamics to unfold, particularly around stubborn resistance and the push for radical transformation.

Mars in Taurus prefers to keep things stable and secure, moving forward with deliberate and determined action. However, Pluto in Aquarius challenges this by demanding innovation and revolution, especially in social structures and collective ideals. This square can manifest as a battle between holding onto the status quo and embracing necessary upheaval for the greater good.

During this transit, you might feel a strong tension between wanting to maintain control and needing to evolve. It’s a cosmic push-and-pull that can lead to power struggles, both internally and with others, particularly if compromises are resisted.

To navigate this energy, strive for flexibility and be willing to let go of outdated habits or views. It’s essential to channel this intense energy constructively. Focus on transformation that allows for personal growth and greater freedom, rather than digging in your heels. Use the enduring strength of Taurus and the innovative spirit of Aquarius to make powerful, progressive changes in your life.

June 16th @ 11:20pm PDT / 2:20pm EDT

Heads up, my cosmic family! Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is sliding into cozy Cancer, where it will nest from June 16th to July 11th. This transit is all about bringing us closer to our roots, emphasizing the importance of emotional connections and nurturing in our lives.

When Venus is in Cancer, the focus shifts towards creating a secure, loving environment. You might find yourself wanting to beautify your home, making it a more comfortable and inviting space—think soft throws, lush plants, and family photos. This is a period where you could feel more inclined to host intimate gatherings, cook family recipes, or simply spend more time with loved ones.

Emotionally, Venus in Cancer heightens our need for closeness and security. Relationships become more tender, with an increased emphasis on caring and understanding. It’s a great time to express your feelings, perhaps through a heartfelt note or a thoughtful gesture, and to strengthen bonds by showing how much you care.

However, be mindful of Cancer’s tendency towards moodiness and sensitivity. Protect your emotional well-being and try not to take things too personally during this time. If conflicts arise, approach them with compassion and empathy.

Embrace the nurturing energy of Venus in Cancer by connecting deeply with those you love and creating a sanctuary that reflects your affection and care. It’s a time to cherish and protect the bonds that matter most.

June 16th 8:45pm PST / 11:45pm EDT

Strap in for a dreamy yet potentially disorienting ride as Venus in witty Gemini squares off against mystical Neptune in Pisces. This aspect lingers a couple of days, stirring the cosmic pot, brings a fascinating blend of intellectual charm and ethereal fantasy into our relationships and creative expressions.

Venus in Gemini loves to chat, flirt, and socialize, enjoying the playful dance of ideas and lighthearted connections. However, when this breezy, sociable energy meets Neptune’s foggy and mystical aura in Pisces, things might not be as clear-cut as they seem. This square can create a mist of illusion, confusion, or disillusionment in our interactions. You might find yourself idealizing partners or friends, seeing what you want to see rather than what’s actually there.

This aspect is also ripe for creativity, inspiring beautiful, imaginative bursts of artistic expression. Whether it’s writing poetry, playing music, or dabbling in photography, the ethereal influence of Neptune can infuse your creative works with a touch of magic and inspiration. However, the challenge lies in grounding these dreams and visions into something tangible and clear.

To navigate this square, keep your feet on the ground while allowing your heart and mind to wander the realms of imagination. Double-check facts in relationships and communications, and be wary of too-good-to-be-true scenarios. Use this time to explore your artistic side while staying anchored in reality. Let the dance between dream and dialogue inspire you, but remember to stay connected to the practical world.

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