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Newsletter: Pisces Dreams & Virgo Full Moon Realism: Balance Imagination with Action for a Stellar Week! Dream Big, Plan Smart

Week of February 19, 2024

Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(Feb 19th – 25th, 2024)

This week, the Moon, our celestial guide through the night, takes us on a journey that stirs the depths of our emotions, illuminates our desire for recognition, and finally grounds us in the details of daily life.

Monday – Moon in Cancer:
Our week begins with the Moon cradled in Cancer, wrapping us in a blanket of emotional warmth and sensitivity. It’s a time to tend to our hearts and the hearts of those we hold dear, to find safety in the familiar, and to listen to the whispers of our intuition. Let the comfort of home and family be your sanctuary.

Wednesday Early Morning – Moon into Leo:
As dawn breaks on Wednesday, the Moon strides into majestic Leo, encouraging us to step into the light and celebrate our uniqueness. This transit awakens our inner child, our creative impulses, and our need for affection and applause. It’s a call to love boldly, laugh loudly, and share our inner radiance with the world.

Friday Early Evening – Moon in Virgo through Sunday:
By Friday evening, as the Moon shifts into meticulous Virgo, our focus sharpens on the finer points of life. This is a period for practical magic, where organizing, analyzing, and improving become acts of care. The Virgo Moon urges us to nurture ourselves and others through service, to pay attention to our health, and to find beauty in the rituals of the everyday.

As we move through this week, from the nurturing waters of Cancer, into the fiery heart of Leo, and grounding down in Virgo’s earth, let each phase guide you to care deeply, shine brightly, and act wisely.

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week, we’re stepping into a vibe that’s pure magic, floating into Pisces season it whispers to us to unleash our imaginations and trust our inner voices. Picture yourself by the sea, with the cool spray on your skin and the endless sky painting pictures of infinite possibilities. That’s the mood right now; it’s about letting your creativity roam free, about being kind to yourself and others, and really connecting from the heart.

But here’s the twist – as we’re all adrift in this beautiful Pisces dream, the Full Moon in Virgo comes along with a gentle, yet firm reminder to touch back down to earth. It’s like having that honest friend who’s there to give you a reality check (yes, even about the spinach in your teeth). This Full Moon is your nudge to get organized, to clear out what no longer serves you, both in your space and in your mind. It’s about making those dreams of yours actionable, about finding a balance between the ethereal and the practical.

So, this week, let’s dream with our eyes wide open, but also roll up our sleeves and make those dreams a reality. It’s all about finding harmony between floating among the stars and planting our feet firmly on the ground. Dream boldly, but let’s also sketch out the steps to make those dreams tangible.

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
I am grateful for the present moment and excited for the future unfolding before me

This week in the Sky… 

Jan – Mar 31st

With all the planets moving direct until March 31st, we’re in for a cosmic green light! It’s like the universe is saying, “Go for it!” So, here’s your quick guide on the dos and don’ts during this period.

Do: Take action on your plans. It’s the perfect time to launch projects or make significant life decisions. The energy is ripe for forward motion, so seize it! Also, use this period to clear any backlog – it’s like spring cleaning for your life.

Don’t: Hesitate or procrastinate. This is not the time to sit on the fence. If you’ve been pondering a move, a career change, or starting that passion project, now’s the moment. The universe supports action, not waiting.

Do: Trust your instincts. With fewer retrograde obstacles, your intuition is your best guide. Listen to that inner voice; it’s more accurate than you think.

Don’t: Rush without planning. Yes, the energy is right for action, but that doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind. Plan, then act.

Embrace this direct period as a cosmic gift. It’s time to make those dreams a reality, clear the decks, and move boldly into your future. Let’s do this!

Feb 19th

We’re stepping into a powerful cosmic moment as Chiron, the wounded healer, aligns with the North Node in fiery Aries. This is a call to bravery, a nudge to face our deepest wounds head-on. It’s about finding courage in our vulnerabilities, recognizing that our greatest challenges often hold the keys to our most profound growth.

Aries, the sign of the self, prompts us to assert our individuality, to claim our right to be who we truly are. Chiron’s influence brings healing into the equation, asking us to mend the parts of ourselves we’ve maybe fought hard to ignore or hide away. Together with the North Node, this is a destiny-driven time to break free from old patterns, to boldly step into a future where we’re not just surviving but thriving. It’s a moment to embrace our scars, knowing they’re proof of our resilience and strength. Let’s lean into this transformative energy, forging a path that honors our truest selves.

Feb 21st

As Venus and Mars dance together in the innovative sign of Aquarius, we’re in for a cosmic treat that’s all about the spark of new beginnings in our relationships and creative endeavors. This alignment is like a breath of fresh air, electrifying the atmosphere with the promise of something fresh and exciting. Aquarius, the sign of the collective, forward-thinking, and uniqueness, encourages us to break the mold in how we connect and create. It’s a time to embrace the unconventional, to value our individuality, and to find harmony in our differences.

This conjunction whispers to us about the power of unity in diversity, urging us to explore new ways of expressing love and passion that defy the status quo. It’s an invitation to innovate, whether in our art, our approach to connection, or how we fight for what we believe in. Let’s use this energy to channel our inner rebel with a cause, turning our boldest, most avant-garde ideas into action. Expect sparks to fly, not just in romance, but in all forms of partnerships and creative collaborations.

Feb 22nd

With Mercury gliding into the mystical waters of Pisces, we’re about to experience communication and thought processes in a whole new light. This transit is like slipping into a dream where logic intertwines with intuition, and words are just as powerful when spoken as they are when felt. Pisces opens the floodgates of our imagination, encouraging us to listen not just with our ears but with our hearts.

Expect your dreams to be vivid and your intuition to be on high alert. This is a time when the veil between the seen and unseen thins, making it easier to receive messages from the universe. It’s perfect for creative endeavors, spiritual exploration, and connecting on a deeper emotional level with those around us. However, remember that details might get a bit foggy under Pisces’ influence. Embrace this period as an opportunity to trust your inner voice and to express your ideas in more poetic, artistic ways. Let’s dive deep into the ocean of imagination, allowing our minds to roam free in the boundless seas of possibility.

Feb 24th

This week’s cosmic climate is electrified by the precision of the Virgo Full Moon exact at 4:40am PST / 7:30am EST, illuminating paths to purify and perfect our worlds. This luminary moment asks us to scrutinize the details of our lives, encouraging a meticulous sweep through our daily habits, health routines, and work projects. It’s as if the universe is handing us a magnifying glass, prompting a closer look at what serves our highest good and what needs letting go.

Amidst this detailed scrutiny, Venus in Aquarius throws a curveball, squaring Jupiter in Taurus, stirring a dynamic tension in the cosmos. This aspect is a dance between the desire for innovative connections and the craving for comfort and growth. Aquarius’ cool, futuristic approach to love and finance is challenged by Taurus’ steady, luxuriant embrace, asking us to strike a balance. It’s a call to blend the best of both worlds: to innovate while securing, to explore while grounding.

Expect to navigate a delicate tightrope of expansion and conservation. This time is about broadening our horizons in relationships and resources, while not losing sight of the practical and the proven. It’s a cosmic invitation to grow, but wisely, with both eyes open to the future and feet planted firmly on the ground.


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