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{Newsletter} – Scorpio Full Moon Magic Unleashed as Mercury Moves Direct: Transformations and Revelations Await You!

Week of April 22, 2024

Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(April 22nd – 28th, 2024)

This week, the Moon sweeps us through a dynamic emotional spectrum, starting in the balanced airs of Libra, plunging into the intense waters of Scorpio for a revealing Full Moon, and then lifting us into Sagittarius’s fiery realm before grounding in Capricorn’s earthy steadiness.

Starting in Libra:
As we begin our week with the Moon in harmonious Libra, our focus is on balance, beauty, and relationships. Libra compels us to seek peace and understanding in our interactions, and to create environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally soothing. It’s an ideal time to collaborate, compromise, and connect with others in meaningful ways.

Tuesday – Moon into Scorpio & Full Moon:
On Tuesday, the Moon transitions into mysterious Scorpio, building up to a potent Full Moon at 4:49pm PDT / 7:49pm EDT. Scorpio invites us to dive deep into our emotions, exploring the undercurrents of our psyche with fearless honesty. This Full Moon illuminates hidden truths and buried emotions, urging us to let go of what no longer serves our growth. It’s a powerful moment for transformation and emotional catharsis.

Thursday Evening – Moon into Sagittarius:
By Thursday evening, the mood lifts as the Moon enters expansive Sagittarius. Here, the energy shifts from introspection to exploration. Sagittarius sparks a desire for freedom, adventure, and the pursuit of higher knowledge. It’s a time to embrace new experiences, expand your horizons, and seek out truths that resonate with your soul. Allow your spirit to roam free.

Early Sunday Morning – Moon into Capricorn:
As the week winds down, the Moon’s entry into Capricorn in the early hours of Sunday brings a grounding energy. Capricorn focuses our attention on responsibility, ambition, and practical achievement. This transit encourages us to set goals, plan ahead, and build structures that will ensure long-term success. It’s a period for hard work and determination as we prepare for the challenges ahead.

From seeking balance in Libra, delving into Scorpio’s depths, adventuring through Sagittarius, and finally stabilizing in Capricorn, this week offers a journey through very different yet equally enriching lunar landscapes. Let each phase inspire and guide you through its unique energy and insights.

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week is all about breakthroughs and bold moves as we navigate some intense cosmic dynamics. Brace yourself for the Scorpio Full Moon, a powerhouse of deep emotional revelations and transformation. It’s time to confront and release old patterns that no longer serve us. Scorpio, with its keen insight, prompts us to look beneath the surface and explore what we’ve been avoiding. This energy isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s perfect for those ready to embrace profound change. If you would like more insight on how this is unfolding in your chart, click here to schedule a reading.

Adding to this week’s momentum, Mercury, the planet of communication, finally stations direct. After a few weeks of reflection, revision, and potential communication mishaps, we’re now cleared to move forward with action and clarity. It’s as if the cosmos is issuing a rallying cry: Don’t hold back, don’t give in to fear, and certainly, don’t resist the changes that are beckoning.

For everyone, especially Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, this is a prime time to jump into the unknown. Trust that you can navigate the currents of change. With this cosmic support, you can indeed make a way. Embrace the challenges, dive deep, and emerge transformed.

Scroll down to read the details of the aspects for the coming week…

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
I am in alignment with the rhythm of the Universe, embracing the flow of life with grace.

This week in the Sky… 

April 23rd

On April 23rd at 4:49 PM PDT / 7:49 PM EDT, the Scorpio Full Moon will be making a powerful square to Pluto in Aquarius. This cosmic configuration is bound to stir the pot in a big way. Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio are intrinsically linked, both ruling over transformation, secrets, and the deeper, often darker, truths of our lives. With the Moon in intense Scorpio, emotions will be running high, and when it squares Pluto, those emotions could burst forth in unexpected and transformative ways.

This aspect could illuminate hidden aspects of our lives or force us to confront realities we’ve perhaps avoided. It’s a time for purging what no longer serves us, which might mean letting go of outdated beliefs or toxic ties. The energy of Aquarius pushes for progress, urging us to think about the future, collective well-being, and innovation even as we navigate through deep waters.

Navigating this energy requires a blend of courage and detachment. Dive deep, but be ready to let go. Reflective practices like journaling, meditation, or deep conversations with trusted others can be incredibly beneficial. Don’t shy away from the tough introspections or conversations—the truths unearthed now can lead to significant healing and transformation. It’s intense, yes, but also incredibly potent for making meaningful changes and stepping into a new, more authentic version of ourselves.

The Scorpio Full Moon will resonate across all zodiac signs, yet Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius will feel its impact most profoundly. Members of these fixed signs can expect significant transformations that can support growth and healing.

April 25th

Circle the date: Mercury stations direct in fiery Aries, April 25th @ 5:54am PDT / 8:54am EDT! After a few weeks of retrograde confusion, miscommunications, and revisits, we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This shift, happening in the bold and energetic sign of Aries, is all about moving forward with renewed vigor and clarity. It’s like the universe is giving us the green light to proceed with all the plans and projects that were on hold.

With Mercury resuming forward motion in Aries, expect a surge in assertiveness in your communications. Ideas and initiatives that seemed stalled can now be propelled forward with a burst of Aries enthusiasm and courage. This is the time to initiate, to speak up, and to take decisive action, especially in areas where you’ve felt held back during the retrograde.

However, as Mercury clears its shadow in the coming weeks, remember to pace yourself. Rushing full steam ahead without tying up loose ends from the retrograde period might set you back. Use this direct phase to apply the insights gained during the retrograde: refine your approach, clarify your intentions, and charge ahead with confidence.

This is your cosmic reboot—embrace the fiery energy of Aries to ignite your projects and conversations with passion and precision. Let’s get moving and shaking again!

April 28th

Get ready for a dreamy yet potent celestial dance as Mars meets Neptune in the mystical waters of Pisces. This conjunction is a fusion of fire and water, action and inspiration, giving us a unique blend of energy that can either confuse or enlighten.

Mars, the planet of drive and aggression, joining with Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, in Pisces, the sign of spirituality and compassion, creates a scenario where our actions can be guided by intuition and a sense of higher purpose. This is an excellent time for artistic pursuits, spiritual exploration, and charitable activities. The energy is ripe for channeling your inner artist or healer, pushing the boundaries of creativity and compassion.

However, there’s a cautionary note: Mars conjunct Neptune can also bring a fog of confusion to our goals and actions. It’s easy to get lost in unrealistic dreams or be misled by elusive goals. To navigate this aspect effectively, ground your actions in reality. Ensure your plans are practical and well-thought-out, not just whimsical desires.

During this conjunction, tune into your intuition but keep your feet firmly on the ground. It’s a perfect moment to act on inspired visions that have a practical application. Let your compassion lead, but let practicality be your guide, merging dreams with reality in the most beautiful way.

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