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Week of June 17, 2024

Where is the Moon this Week?
(June 17th – 23rd, 2024)

This week, as the Moon journeys from the mysterious depths of Scorpio to the innovative realms of Aquarius, each lunar transition influences our emotional state and interpersonal interactions. Understanding these shifts is crucial because they offer insights into our daily emotional climate, helping us to navigate our feelings and interactions more effectively. By aligning our actions with the moon’s phases, we can maximize our emotional intelligence and stability throughout the week.

Starting in Scorpio:
Our week begins with the Moon in intense Scorpio, drawing emotions deep and stirring powerful undercurrents of transformation. This phase is about delving into the depths of what truly motivates us, our desires, and even our fears. It’s a potent time for introspection and emotional realignment, encouraging us to let go of old patterns and embrace renewal.

Wednesday Mid Morning – Moon into Sagittarius:
By mid-morning on Wednesday, the Moon shifts into adventurous Sagittarius, lightening the emotional load and infusing us with a sense of optimism and a thirst for exploration. Sagittarius urges us to expand our horizons, seek truth, and engage in meaningful philosophical or spiritual quests. It’s a great time to break out of routine, try something new, and embrace a broader perspective on life.

Friday Late Afternoon – Moon into Capricorn and Full Moon at 6:08pm:
As we move into Friday, the Moon enters practical Capricorn and reaches its full phase, highlighting themes of responsibility, ambition, and structure. The Full Moon in Capricorn brings a culmination of efforts, shining a light on our achievements and the areas where we need more discipline. Use this time to set concrete goals, recommit to your responsibilities, and acknowledge your progress in building a secure foundation for your future.

Sunday Late Evening – Moon into Aquarius:
The week wraps up with the Moon transitioning into Aquarius late Sunday evening, ushering in a focus on innovation, community, and individuality. Aquarius inspires us to think differently, to value our uniqueness, and to connect with community or social causes. It’s an excellent period to explore new technologies, engage with friends, and plan for the future.

From Scorpio’s emotional depth, through Sagittarius’s expansive joy, into Capricorn’s disciplined peak, and finishing in Aquarius’s visionary outlook, this week offers a dynamic range of energies to explore and integrate. Let each phase guide your understanding and management of your emotional world, enhancing both personal growth and your interactions with others.

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

What a wonderful week we have ahead, filled with celestial celebrations and special offers just for you! As we bid farewell to the lively Gemini Season, we prepare to welcome the nurturing warmth of Cancer Season. The Summer Solstice marks this transition, happening on Thursday when the Sun moves into the sensitive and caring sign of Cancer. This shift brings a focus on home, family, and emotional security, encouraging us to nurture our roots and foster deeper connections with loved ones.

Following closely on the heels of the solstice, we have the first of 2 powerful Capricorn Full Moon within a month this Friday evening. This Full Moon shines a light on achievements and goals, urging us to balance our professional ambitions with our personal needs. The grounding energy of Capricorn helps us stay focused and disciplined, providing a perfect counterbalance to Cancer’s emotional depth. This is a prime time for reflection on how far we’ve come and where we aim to go next.

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
I am aligned with the rhythm of the Universe, embracing both the stillness and the movement within me.

This week in the Sky… 

Mercury Enters Cancer June 17th – July 2nd
Alright, lovely folks, gear up because Mercury, the planet of communication, is slipping into sensitive Cancer from June 17th to July 2nd. During this transit, our thoughts and words get infused with a whole lot of heart and a touch of home. Expect communication to become more intuitive, emotional, and profoundly personal. It’s a time when we don’t just speak with our minds; we speak with our souls.

When Mercury is in Cancer, our thinking processes are influenced by our emotions. You might find yourself more reflective, thinking about the past or your closest relationships. Conversations may revolve around family, home life, and personal security, drawing out a nurturing tone in how we express care and concern. It’s an excellent period for heartfelt chats that can heal old wounds because Cancer doesn’t just skim the surface—it dives deep.

However, remember that Cancer can also be quite protective and a bit defensive. Be mindful of becoming too insular or sensitive to criticism during this time. Communications can become overly subjective, so strive to maintain clarity and objectivity where necessary.

Use this transit to connect or reconnect with loved ones, perhaps through sharing memories or expressing your innermost thoughts. It’s a beautiful time to enhance the emotional depth of your communications. Let Mercury in Cancer teach you the art of speaking and listening with compassion, enhancing your connections through the power of understanding and empathy.

Summer Solstice – Sun enters Cancer June 20th @ 1:51pm PDT – 4:51pm EDT
As we embrace the Summer Solstice, the Sun makes its nurturing entry into Cancer on June 20th at 1:51 PM PDT / 4:51 PM EDT, marking the longest day of the year and a profound shift into a season of emotional depth and connection. This celestial event is not just about the Sun bathing us in its longest light; it’s also about entering a time where we focus on what nourishes and protects us—our homes, our loved ones, and our inner sanctuary.

Cancer, being the cardinal water sign, ushers in a phase of heightened sensitivity and intuition. It encourages us to nurture and be nurtured, pulling our attention towards creating comfort and security in our personal spaces. It’s about getting in touch with our roots, our emotions, and letting the gentle and caring side of our nature shine.

Simultaneously, with the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius, there’s an interesting balance between the introspective energies of Cancer and the expansive, freedom-loving vibes of Sagittarius. This combination prompts us to explore our emotional truth and philosophies about home and family, perhaps inspiring us to connect with loved ones in more meaningful ways or to seek emotional freedom.

This Solstice, take a moment to honor both the light and the dark. Celebrate by nurturing your personal growth and exploring your emotional boundaries. It’s a perfect time to set intentions that align with your deepest feelings and to reflect on your personal journey of emotional security and exploration. Happy Solstice, everyone—may this be a season of profound growth and heartfelt connections!

Capricorn Full Moon 1° June 21st @ 6:08pm PDT – 9:08pm EDT
We’re gearing up for a monumental moment under the stars with the first of two Capricorn Full Moons occurring in a months time, kicking off at 1° on June 21st at 6:08 PM PDT / 9:08 PM EDT. The second Full Moon, which will close the sequence is on July 21st at 29°. This pair of Full Moons in Capricorn is particularly symbolic, echoing the themes of the lengthy Pluto transit in Capricorn, which is preparing to conclude this November after a transformative 16-year journey.

Capricorn, the sign of structure, discipline, and ambition, reflects Pluto’s deep dive into the frameworks of our lives, from personal ambitions to societal structures. These back-to-back Full Moons highlight a period of intense culmination and release. They ask us to seriously evaluate what we’ve built, what needs to be restructured, and what must be let go to welcome new growth.

This first Full Moon is especially potent for setting intentions that involve ending cycles and clearing out what no longer serves your highest purpose. It’s about embracing the lessons of resilience and responsibility that Capricorn and Pluto have been teaching us.

As we approach this Full Moon, consider how the structures in your life support your true path. Reflect on your personal and professional goals. Are they aligned with your deepest truths? Use this time to fortify your commitments and prepare for the transformations that lie ahead. This is a powerful moment to honor your journey, release the past, and set foundations that will support your future as Pluto prepares to shift the ground beneath us once more.

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