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Week of June 24, 2024

Where is the Moon this Week?
(June 24th – 30th, 2024)

The Moon, the quickest moving luminary in our galaxy, changes signs every couple of days. The Moon is a symbol of our innermost feelings and what we need to feel safe. Understanding the Moon’s journey through the zodiac helps us align with the emotional undercurrents influencing our lives, guiding us toward greater harmony and fulfillment. This week, the Moon’s movement is especially significant as it shapes our emotional landscape, providing insights into our moods, desires, and interactions.

Starting in Aquarius:
Our week begins with the Moon in innovative Aquarius, inspiring a focus on community, individuality, and progressive thinking. This phase encourages us to embrace our uniqueness, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore new ideas and technologies. It’s a time for collaboration and social engagement, perfect for brainstorming and visionary projects.

Tuesday Late Evening – Moon into Pisces:
By late Tuesday evening, the Moon shifts into dreamy Pisces, bringing a wave of empathy, intuition, and creativity. This transit enhances our emotional sensitivity and imagination, urging us to connect with our inner worlds and explore our dreams. It’s a beautiful time for artistic pursuits, spiritual practices, and nurturing our emotional and intuitive sides.

Friday Early Morning – Moon into Aries:
As we move into Friday, the Moon enters fiery Aries early in the morning, igniting a sense of urgency, courage, and action. Aries Moon energizes us to take initiative, pursue our passions, and embrace new beginnings. This dynamic energy is ideal for starting projects, tackling challenges, and asserting our independence.

Sunday Early Morning – Moon into Taurus:
The week wraps up with the Moon transitioning into steady Taurus early Sunday morning, bringing a grounding and stabilizing influence. Taurus Moon encourages us to seek comfort, indulge in sensory pleasures, and focus on practical matters. It’s a wonderful time for nurturing ourselves, enjoying nature, and reinforcing our sense of security and stability.

From Aquarius’s innovative spark, through Pisces’s intuitive flow, into Aries’s fiery drive, and finishing in Taurus’s earthy calm, this week offers a rich tapestry of energies to navigate. Let each phase guide your understanding and management of your emotional world, enhancing both personal growth and your interactions with others.

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to the first full week of Cancer Season! The air is buzzing with destined energy, so keep your eyes peeled for significant shifts. Who or what enters or exits your life this week could be a cosmic nudge toward your destiny. Embrace the flow and trust that the universe knows exactly what it’s doing.

Adding to this week’s intensity, Saturn, the planet of karma, lessons, and structure, is stationing retrograde. When Saturn retrogrades, it’s a time to review and reassess our long-term goals and responsibilities. This planetary shift invites us to take a step back and reflect on the foundations we’ve built and whether they truly serve our higher purpose.

Hey Cancers, this is your season to shine, but also to evaluate the emotional structures you’ve put in place. Are they supporting your growth or holding you back? Capricorns, with your ruling planet Saturn turning retrograde, you’ll feel this energy keenly. It’s a prime time to revisit your ambitions and make necessary adjustments. Librans and Aries, the cardinal energy of Cancer will prompt you to re-evaluate key areas of your life, bringing clarity and direction.

This week is a celestial call to realign with your true path. Pay attention to the signs, trust the process, and allow the destined energy to guide you towards a more authentic and fulfilling journey. The stars are whispering secrets—are you listening?

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
I am attuned to the whispers of my Soul.

This week in the Sky… 

June 26th – Venus in Cancer squares the North Node in Aries
When Venus in Cancer squares the North Node in Aries, a dynamic cosmic dance invites us to explore the tension between our emotional needs and our soul’s growth. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, in nurturing Cancer, amplifies our desire for deep emotional connections, security, and the comfort of home. But as she forms a challenging square with the North Node in bold, pioneering Aries, we’re called to reconcile these opposing forces.

This aspect compels us to reflect on our relationships and personal goals. Are we clinging to familiarity at the expense of our growth? Are we balancing our need for emotional safety with the courage to pursue our true passions? This square brings these questions to the forefront, urging us to find a balance between nurturing our hearts and embracing our destinies.

During this time, we may face situations that force us to choose between staying in our comfort zones or stepping into the unknown. It’s a powerful call to align our emotional truths with our soul’s mission. Practice self-awareness and courage, recognizing where fear holds you back and where bold steps are needed to follow your true path.

The zodiac signs most impacted by this aspect are Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. Cancer will feel the push to balance their emotional security with personal growth, while Aries will confront the need to temper their independence with nurturing relationships. Libra and Capricorn, the signs naturally squaring Cancer and Aries, will also experience a heightened tension in balancing their personal and relational dynamics.

Trust that this cosmic tension is guiding you toward a more integrated and empowered self. Embrace the journey with compassion, knowing that this alignment is steering you toward a life that honors both your heart’s desires and your soul’s purpose.

June 29th – November 15th – Saturn in Pisces Retrograde
When Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces from June 29th until November 15th, we enter a profound period of introspection and spiritual reevaluation. Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline, and karmic lessons, turns inward in the ethereal sign of Pisces, urging us to confront our inner landscapes and spiritual foundations.

This retrograde is a time to reassess the boundaries we’ve set in our lives, both tangible and intangible. Saturn in Pisces blends the concrete with the mystical, challenging us to dissolve illusions and face our fears. It’s a cosmic call to release outdated structures and embrace a more fluid, compassionate approach to our personal growth and responsibilities.

During this retrograde, we may find ourselves revisiting old issues, especially those related to past commitments and spiritual beliefs. It’s a period for healing, for addressing unresolved karmic patterns, and for making peace with our past. This introspective journey encourages us to delve deep into our subconscious, to meditate, journal, and explore our dreams. By doing so, we align more closely with our higher selves, paving the way for a more authentic and spiritually fulfilling future.

The zodiac signs most impacted by this retrograde are Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Pisces will feel a direct influence, prompting deep self-reflection and spiritual growth. Virgo will experience challenges in balancing their practical duties with their need for spiritual nourishment. Gemini and Sagittarius, being mutable signs, will feel the tension in their quest for truth and freedom, pushing them to integrate their higher wisdom with their everyday lives.

Embrace this retrograde as a time of spiritual recalibration, allowing Saturn’s disciplined energy to guide you through a transformative journey of inner discovery and growth. Trust that the insights gained during this period will support your journey toward greater wisdom and inner peace.

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