Join Patty Kamson for her 2020 Year Ahead Do’s & Don’ts for the Zodiac

Join Patty Kamson, Intuitive Astrologer, for a powerful and insightful One Hour Zoomcast and get the inside scoop on 2020 happenings.

There will be a Q&A for attendees that are LIVE via Zoom, as well as, a replay available for those who can’t attend LIVE for a limited time.

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Do you want to receive the same information that successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and politicians use to plan their most pivotal life events? Whether it’s the best date to set for your wedding day, the best time to purchase or sell your home, or the best time to launch your next successful product or program, you won’t want to miss my 2020 Year Ahead Do’s & Don’ts for the Zodiac!

Learn how 2020 is going to be significant in your life and spiritual growth by discovering how the planets align with your Natal Astrology. Find the answers for your Zodiac sign and your burning questions about love, money, health, and wellness in 2020.