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{Newsletter} New Beginnings and Steady Actions: Gemini New Moon and Mercury Spark Fresh Ideas, Mars Enters Taurus for Grounded Progress!

Welcome June! As we step into this big month, let’s zoom in on the celestial activities lighting up this particular week. We’re off to a chatty start as Mercury, the planet of communication, enters its ruling sign of Gemini. This transit sharpens our wit, speeds up our thought processes, and increases our appetite for knowledge. Expect conversations to flow faster and ideas to come more quickly—it’s a prime time for writers, speakers, and anyone involved in communication-heavy tasks.

Mystical Magical Chat is this Tuesday, June 4th, at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. It’s your monthly dose of cosmic insight and spiritual wisdom, all wrapped up in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a seasoned astrology enthusiast or just curious about the mysteries of the Universe, this is your perfect opportunity to connect, explore, and share in the magic. Bring your questions, your stories, or just your lovely presence. Let’s unravel the mysteries of the stars together and discover what magic this month holds for us. Can’t wait to see you there!

Midweek brings another Gemini highlight with the New Moon on Thursday. New Moons are all about beginnings, and in the sign of the Twins, this one encourages us to set intentions related to learning, communicating, and connecting. It’s a fantastic opportunity to start a writing project, engage in a new course of study, or simply to reach out and make new social connections. This New Moon asks us to be curious, adaptable, and ready to embrace multiple perspectives.

As the week winds down, Saturday marks a significant shift with Mars moving into Taurus. The energy changes from dynamic and versatile to steady and determined. Mars in Taurus slows down our pace but increases our stamina, perfect for pushing ahead on projects that require persistence and a methodical approach. This combination of energies throughout the week provides a dynamic backdrop for both quick intellectual pursuits and slow, steady progress on longer-term goals.

And while you’re syncing up with this transformative New Moon energy, don’t forget to check out the New episode of “The Astrology Chronicles.” This next installment focuses on passionate and sexy Mars, along with my co-host Tamerri and myself discussing personal experiences. Make sure to tune in and uncover valuable insights that could reshape your approach to relationships during this potent lunar phase. Don’t miss it!

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