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Newsletter: Dive Deep into Dreams 🌊✨ Pisces Season & Scorpio Moon Mystique 🌙💫 Plus, Mercury & Saturn Conjoin for Serious Talks & Solid Plans

The cosmic weather is buzzing with excitement as we step into this special week! And guess what? It’s my birthday month (Mar 1st) and I’m turning the fabulous triple 20. Yep, you heard that right. Despite feeling 36 and hoping to pass for 49 with grace, I’m all set to celebrate with amazing trips sprinkled throughout the year. The festivities are kicking off with a dreamy getaway to Carmel-by-the-Sea – could it get any more Pisces than that? Surrounded by the ocean’s embrace and a few of my closest family and friends to welcome in the new decade.

This week, as the Sun glides through the mystical waters of Pisces, we’re invited to dive deep into our dreams, listen to our inner voices, and bask in the warmth of the love that surrounds us. Adding to this love-fest, the Sun in Pisces forms a sextile with Jupiter in Taurus, magnifying a sense of abundance, joy, and gratitude. This auspicious aspect promises to enhance celebrations, grounding lofty Piscean dreams with Taurus’ earthy blessings for everyone.

And because I love sharing the Love during my birthday month, join me on my Live Crystal sale this Wednesday, Feb 28th, and I will reveal some great discounts.

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Newsletter: Pisces Dreams & Virgo Full Moon Realism: Balance Imagination with Action for a Stellar Week! Dream Big, Plan Smart

This week, we’re stepping into a vibe that’s pure magic, floating into Pisces Season it whispers to us to unleash our imaginations and trust our inner voices. Picture yourself by the sea, with the cool spray on your skin and the endless sky painting pictures of infinite possibilities. That’s the mood right now; it’s about letting your creativity roam free, about being kind to yourself and others, and really connecting from the heart.

But here’s the twist – as we’re all adrift in this beautiful Pisces dream, the Full Moon in Virgo comes along with a gentle, yet firm reminder to touch back down to earth. It’s like having that honest friend who’s there to give you a reality check (yes, even about the spinach in your teeth). This Full Moon is your nudge to get organized, to clear out what no longer serves you, both in your space and in your mind. It’s about making those dreams of yours actionable, about finding a balance between the ethereal and the practical.

So, this week, let’s dream with our eyes wide open, but also roll up our sleeves and make those dreams a reality. It’s all about finding harmony between floating among the stars and planting our feet firmly on the ground. Dream boldly, but let’s also sketch out the steps to make those dreams tangible.

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