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{Newsletter} Evolutionary Taurus Season: Sun and Venus Ignite with Uranus, Mercury Enters Taurus—Expect the Unexpected!

Hold onto your seats because this week, Uranus is shaking things up in the cosmos! Known for its unpredictable and revolutionary energy, Uranus is making significant connections with both the Sun and Venus. This trio of planetary activity is setting the stage for some unexpected twists, especially in the realms of relationships and finances.

With the Sun lighting up this dynamic, you might find yourself experiencing sudden revelations or changes in your personal identity or life direction. These are not just minor tweaks but potentially game-changing moments that could alter the course of how you see yourself and your purpose.

Meanwhile, Venus’s involvement brings a focus to your love life and wallet. Surprises could pop up in your romantic relationships or your financial situation—think sudden windfalls or unforeseen expenses. It’s a week to expect the unexpected and remain flexible.

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