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Cosmic Newsletter – Pisces Energy Takes Over this week & Preparation For the First Eclipse of 2024!

The cosmic currents are swirling with some major planetary meet-ups this week, making the universe a hive of activity! First off, Venus is making a splash as it enters Pisces, wrapping us all in a dreamy, love-soaked haze. This is prime time for romance and creativity, especially for Pisces folks who’ll feel this vibe on a soul level.

Meanwhile, over in Taurus land, the Moon is cozying up to Jupiter, then bumping into Uranus. This means big, bold feelings on the home front, sprinkled with a dash of the unexpected. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, you’re in the spotlight, so brace for emotional growth spurts and perhaps a surprise or two in your personal or financial affair.

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