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{Newsletter} – Get Ready for an Unstable Week: Venus & Mars Change Signs and Pluto Stations Retrograde… Dig Deep!

Welcome to a new month that promises to be a whirlwind of celestial activity right from the start! This week sets the stage with some major planetary shifts that are bound to stir things up. Venus and Mars, the planets of love and action, are moving into signs where they hold rulership—Venus into sensual Taurus and Mars into assertive Aries. This means both planets are exceptionally comfortable and potent, enhancing all matters of affection, financial pursuits, ambitions, and energies directed toward personal passions.

Adding a layer of complexity, big daddy Pluto begins its retrograde journey. When Pluto retrogrades, it’s time to reflect on power dynamics, deep-seated transformations, and slow-burning changes. This can sometimes feel like a period of instability or blocked opportunities, urging us to look deeper into the issues at hand. If you would like more insight on how this is unfolding in your chart go to

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