"Patty is a wonderful "intuitive astrologer" who I've known for many years.  Her insight to the deeper meaning of the chart gives a more personal and compelling reading.  She's a heartfelt guide." Entrepreneur - California

Deeper Meaning

Patty Kamson is The Gatekeeper to all things cosmic in my life. Before I met Patty, the stars were for getting out of the woods or home from sea at night. Never did I imagine that an entirely new forecast awaited me--one that had the potential to shape the outcome of my personal relationships, my … Continue reading Patty Is A Lifesaver

Patty Is A Lifesaver

Patty Kamson has a heart as big as the universe and talents to match. For years she has been my friend and go-to person when I need clarity, especially when it comes to understanding what's going in my kids' lives, as well as my own and my spouse's. Through her amazing gifts as an astrologer … Continue reading She Is My Clarity

She Is My Clarity

Through Patty, I've come to know astrology as a science and a symbolic language. She is a teacher and adviser who empowers others with insights that help us navigate life more strategically and with greater ease and confidence. She is a scientist of sorts with advanced knowledge of how to leverage the energy of the … Continue reading Able To Connect With My Higher Self

Able To Connect With My Higher Self

Every once in a while a client or friend is moved to send me a note stating the impact that I have had on his or her life. These people are special to me so I've taken what they have shared and hope that it gives you a glimpse of some of the wonderful connections … Continue reading Love Love Love

Love Love Love

I met Patty Kamson in 2008, when my life was going really well, but my relationship was hurting me. Patty guided me through so much of the decisions I made concerning the man I was dating. And as much as it hurt at the time, everything she said manifested where he was concerned, and it … Continue reading Shifted My Life

Shifted My Life

“When I first spoke with Patty I knew I was going through a major change in my life but I had no idea what my next step was. Patty not only told me what I needed to know, she guided me through the practical steps necessary to live my purpose. My experience with Patty has … Continue reading Life Changer

Life Changer

"Patty has a wonderful personality and an amazing gift. She is quite literally 2500 miles away from me but still makes me feel like she’s in the same room with me when we're talking via FaceTime or even just over the phone or email. While she is unbelievable easy to talk to and comforting, she … Continue reading A big fan of yours

A big fan of yours