Patty Kamson is The Gatekeeper to all things cosmic in my life. Before I met Patty, the stars were for getting out of the woods or home from sea at night. Never did I imagine that an entirely new forecast awaited me–one that had the potential to shape the outcome of my personal relationships, my career choices and, lately, when to back up my computer! She’s scary-accurate but what’s most amazing to me about Patty Kamson are her intuitive abilities. She goes way beyond the ‘math and science’ of an astrological interpretation to delve deeply into your own, personal metaphysical world.

Her approach is comforting and kind. She’s generous beyond compare. She has a wry, funny take on the travesties of life that make even the toughest medicine easier to swallow and she gives you a bounty of perspective on where you are and where you want to be. She is very passionate and committed and makes yours feel like the most important reading she’s ever done. In my very first meeting with Patty I was so impressed with her abilities that I’ve devoted several years of my life to developing a television show around her–just so audiences can watch in wonder at her amazing skills as an intuitive astrologer. When navigating the cosmos for extra meaning or even just figuring out the particulars of life on earth, there is no better guide than the very compassionate, very knowledgeable and very down-to-earth Patty Kamson.”

Bill Pruitt, Emmy Award winning Television Producer

Patty Is A Lifesaver