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The Top 3 Signs That You’re in Eclipse Season By Patty Kamson

Eclipse Season is coming – are you ready?

Hello, my starry-eyed friends!

I have some cosmic insights to share. If you’ve felt a little like you’re riding the Universe’s wildest roller coaster lately, you might just be syncing up with the powerful rhythms of Eclipse Season.

As we transition from the intense depths of the Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse cycle, concluding on October 28th, and continue to embrace the Aries/Libra cycle, how can you tell if you’re dancing under Eclipse energy?

Here are the top three signs you are in Eclipse Season:

  1. Heightened Emotions: It’s no secret that Eclipses churn the cosmic waters, but did you know they can turn your emotional tides too? If you’re feeling more introspective than usual or oscillating between joy and uncertainty, it’s the eclipses at work. They have this uncanny ability to dial up our feelings, pushing us to face any emotional baggage and find our balance.
  2. Surprises and Aha Moments: Imagine eclipses as the Universe’s dramatic flair moments. You’re coasting along in your storyline, and suddenly – BAM – a plot twist! This might come in the form of an unexpected career opportunity, revelations in your relationships, or a personal epiphany. The final curtain call of the Taurus/Scorpio cycle on October 28th could be especially revelatory. Eclipses, in their wisdom, spotlight areas in our lives needing a refresh or redirection.
  3. Dreams and Deja Vu: During an eclipse season, the veil between our day-to-day and the mystical gets gossamer-thin. Noticed an uptick in vivid dreams? Maybe some moments of intense déjà vu? It’s as if our soul and the universe are in a heart-to-heart chat, offering guidance, foresight, and little nudges.

The beautiful ballet of the Aries/Libra cycle is all about our personal journey and its interplay with our connections to others. As we bid adieu to the transformative Taurus/Scorpio chapters, remember that change, as chaotic as it can feel, is often a doorway to growth and new adventures.

If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed, it’s okay. Grab your favorite journal, light some calming candles, or simply sit under the night sky. Eclipses, for all their drama, are cosmic helpers guiding us towards our destiny.

Until our next stargazing session, remember: The universe is always in motion, and so are we. Embrace the dance!

Star-kissed regards,  


Patty writes astrology forecasts for her wide array of clients helping then with relationships, family, and careers when they’ve needed guidance or felt stuck.


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