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Unrest Ahead: Mars and Uranus Battle it Out as Venus and Mercury Enter New Signs! 

Week of November 6, 2023

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Your Weekly Lunar Weather Report
(Nov 6th – 12th, 2023)

Are you ready for the lunar forecast for the week of November 6, 2023. The Moon – our emotional barometer – swiftly shifts through the zodiac, bringing into focus the ebb and flow of our feelings and the essence of our sanctuary. Let’s take a walk under the stars and see where this week takes us:

Monday – Moon in Leo:
As the week unveils itself, the Moon is basking in the fiery glow of Leo, inviting us to embrace our joy and express our hearts boldly. This is a period where the spotlight is on self-expression, creativity, and indulging in a bit of drama and play. Whether it’s through a creative project, spending time with children, or simply enjoying the pleasures of life, the Leo Moon wants you to shine and share your inner light with the world.

Late Monday Morning through Thursday – Moon in Virgo:
As Monday progresses, we find the Moon transitioning into the meticulous sign of Virgo. Attention to detail and a sense of duty become prevalent. This is a time to focus on health, organization, and practical tasks. Allow the Virgo Moon to guide you in fine-tuning your daily routines and polishing up projects that require a discerning eye. It’s a period ripe for self-improvement and serving others.

Thursday through Saturday Morning – Moon in Libra:
Midweek, the Moon drifts into the harmonious air sign of Libra, encouraging balance, partnership, and fairness. Emotions are colored with the need for smooth relationships and aesthetic pleasure. It’s an ideal time to collaborate, negotiate, and find common ground with others. Engage in arts, beautify your surroundings, and let diplomacy be your guide under this genteel Moon.

Saturday Morning & Sunday – Moon in Scorpio:
As we segue into the weekend, the Moon plunges into the intense waters of Scorpio, deepening our emotions and compelling us to seek out transformative experiences. This is a powerful time for introspection, secretive ventures, or anything that involves delving beneath the surface. Emotional revelations may come to light, and intimacy could reach new depths. Use this penetrating energy to explore mysteries and embrace change.

Throughout this week, let the Moon be your celestial guide, showing you when to bask in the limelight, tidy your life’s nooks and crannies, seek harmony, and then dive deep into the realm of transformation. Each sign brings a chapter of emotional wisdom, so open the pages, and read them with an open heart and mind. Wishing you a luminous week of discovery and balance.

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Dear Beautiful Soul,

Oh, what an exhilarating ride we’ve been on this past month! It feels like we’ve packed 3 months worth of living into just one month, thanks to the whirlwind of the Eclipses – and what a show it’s been! How are you holding up, my Beautiful Souls? I hope you’re getting through this cosmic whirlwind with grace.

If you’re feeling a little worn down, remember, you’ve done incredibly well, and now we’re entering a phase of cosmic cleanup – a time to lovingly piece together any puzzles left in the wake of our celestial celebrations or to sweep away the dust storm from any implosions and/or explosions.

Take those precious moments to pause, plan, or just take a deep, soulful breath. The world’s spinning fast, but remember, it’s spinning for us, not against us (even when it doesn’t feel like it!). So, let’s walk forward with a spring in our step, ready to embrace the wonders that the Universe has in store. Together, we’ve got this – with a sprinkle of cosmic cheer and an abundance of hope!

Hey my Beautiful Cosmic Friends – our ‘Mystical Magical Chat’ is on for this Tuesday! It’s our special time to connect, and I can hardly wait to see all of your familiar faces light up our virtual space!

There’s some fresh excitement too – my newsletter is taking on a bold new look! It’s zooming through the digital cosmos with a new fresh vibe. I’m positively beaming with the hope that it brings joy to your screens and hearts. This change means I can share this journey even further, reaching every corner of this vast online world.

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This Week’s Affirmation:  
My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless and my potential to succeed is infinite.

This week in the Sky… 

November 6th

When Venus trines Pluto, it’s like a dance between the goddess of love and the lord of the underworld, creating a powerful alchemy for transformation and depth in our relationships. This trine is a harmonious aspect, allowing Venus’s warm, affectionate nature to blend with Pluto’s intensity, urging us to explore the profound layers of love and connection. It’s a time when relationships can deepen, becoming more intense and meaningful as Pluto encourages us to look beyond the superficial. Our attractions now may have a fated quality, magnetic and compelling. We’re invited to open our hearts to the transformative power of love, to release old patterns, and to embrace vulnerability.

It’s also a period ripe for financial opportunities, where strategic investments or debts may turn in our favor. In essence, Venus trine Pluto offers a potent moment for profound intimacy and powerful bonds, both emotionally and materially. Use this energy to forge deep connections and empower your personal and financial growth.

With this cosmic aspect, all zodiac signs will experience the astral currents, yet Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply. 

November 6th

When Mercury trines Neptune, it’s as if the messenger god dons a cloak of the mystic, speaking in dreams and visions. This aspect weaves a spell of imagination and intuition into our communications. We find poetry in the mundane, music in the spoken word, and a heightened sensitivity to the subtle undercurrents of what’s unsaid.

It’s a perfect time for artists, writers, and thinkers to channel inspiration, as the boundary between the tangible and the ethereal is blurred. Intuition is heightened; you might just find the universe is speaking directly to you through synchronicities and serendipitous moments. Spiritual or philosophical discussions may take on a profound depth. However, with Neptune’s influence, we must take care not to be lured by illusions; the clarity of Mercury’s logic is softened. This transit encourages us to trust our instincts and listen to our inner voice, to communicate with compassion, and to allow our ideas to be infused with creativity.

Regarding the effects, every zodiac will experience the astral waves, but those with Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (Sun or Rising signs) will feel it most intensely. 

November 8th

As Venus glides into Libra, her home sign, envision a cosmic homecoming, a celestial celebration of harmony, balance, and beauty. It’s as if the universe is inviting us to a grand ball, where grace, charm, and social graces take center stage. Venus in Libra exudes diplomacy, urging us to smooth over conflicts and come together in understanding and mutual respect. It’s a time when relationships can flourish, as we’re more inclined to partner up, compromise, and find common ground.

The air is ripe with the potential for new love, for reigniting the spark in existing relationships, and for finding beauty in life’s tapestry. Art, fashion, and aesthetic pursuits are favored, so indulge in the creative and the beautiful. Venus in Libra asks us to celebrate connections, cherish peace, and remember that life, at its finest, is about sharing moments of togetherness with grace.

All zodiac signs will experience this powerful energy, yet Libra (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply. 

November 9th

As Mercury flys into Sagittarius, imagine the mind as a fiery steed galloping across vast horizons of thought and philosophy. This transit ignites a quest for knowledge, an insatiable wanderlust not just of the world, but of the intellect. Our conversations may become sprinkled with the exotic and the profound, as we seek to broaden our understanding and share our grand visions with others.

There’s a bluntness to our speech; Sagittarius favors truth in its raw form, sometimes without the bow of diplomacy. It’s a time to be bold in our thinking, to plan those adventures we’ve been dreaming of, and to explore the many facets of life’s rich tapestry. Our humor may take on a more jovial tone, our laughter a little louder, as Mercury in Sagittarius finds joy in the expansive and the enlightening. However, watch for overstatements or glossing over details; in this sign, Mercury aims for the stars but might miss the step right in front of him.

With this cosmic aspect, all zodiac signs will experience the astral currents, yet Sagittarius (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply. 

November 11th

When Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, expect a cosmic tug-of-war, a clash of the titans. Mars, in the sign of its rulership, exudes a formidable willpower and intensity, while Uranus brings a volatile, revolutionary energy to the earthy, stable realm of Taurus. This opposition can bring sudden upheavals, breakthroughs, or breakdowns, especially in areas that have been stagnant or resistant to change. We’re compelled to act, sometimes impulsively, as Mars’s deep-seated desires meet Uranus’s shockwave of liberation.

It’s a time of powerful shifts, both internally and externally, with the potential for transformation if we harness this energy wisely. Financial and sexual tensions may surface, demanding that we confront what we value and what we desire at the most fundamental level. This transit is a call to break free from old patterns, to embrace the unpredictable, and to courageously step into the transformative fires of change.

With this cosmic aspect, all zodiac signs will experience the astral currents, yet Taurus, Scorpio, Leo Aquarius (Sun or Rising) will resonate with it most deeply. 

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